We will miss you guys! Cant Wait til you all get back!

Left to right, Bobby S., Molly S.,Elise L, Shanna B., Bobby L., Heather W., Bryce B.




Deadlift 225/155
Ring Push Ups
Hanging Clean 135/95

5 Responses

  1. Ummm… is that a beer on the floor? It’s like a giant eye magnet for me. I didn’t even realize there were people in this picture at first.

    -Bill (New Hampshire Satellite Basement Branch)

  2. Before we know it they will all be back-but will they maintain their CrossFitness? Time Will Tell! Hopefully we get some pictures and e-mails.

    Basement Branch Brawlers-I’ve been hearing good things-keep it up! ANd yes indeed there was plenty of beer and wine!