Greg Benton, Father, full time business owner and devoted CrossFitter-we all know that he lost 40 lbs and is becoming a very well rounded athlete. How? Well notice that Greg is laid out after a maximal 20 min effort on Mondays WOD. Greg has paid with blood (look closely) sweat and tears to earn his fitness! There are lots of people falling for a lot of gimmicks this time of year that offer shortcuts to ‘fitness.’ Sadly people go for it and end up discouraged and set back in their progress, enthusiasm, and wallet. The real success stories are the people like, Greg, who take a simple approach. Time + Effort. It’s not a very sexy sales pitch but it is true and it works. Greg’s not the only one with a success story- send me your story and if you want, some pictures, and share what CrossFit has done for you! With your permission I will post them and we will have a success stories section on the Blog for the world to celebrate your achievements!

Check out Speal doing the WOD ‘Angie’ MOV WMV

We are doing Angie on Monday.

If you want to make up a missed WOD here is a reminder of what we did this week…


Ms Many Rounds As Possible in 20 Minutes

15 Double Unders
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls 65/45
15 Ab Mat Sit Ups



Deadlift 225/155
Ring Push Ups
Hanging Clean 135/95



90 Seconds as many reps as possible Pull Ups
90 Seconds as many rounds as possible 10 meters (can sub bike or rower)

90 Seconds Rest

Repeat for 5 Rounds

Score is total pull ups plus total meters in multiples of 10


Front Squat



For Time

40 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
40 Ring Push Ups
40 Toes To Bar
40 Wall Ball Shots

do all 40 of one before going to all 40 of the next

And of Course on Monday we are going to retest Angie from 1 month ago so eat well this weekend, get your rest, and come in Monday ready to breathe fire!

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