Bobby L. Molly and Bobby S. getting in a WOD in Brazil!



Back Squat


Start at a weight that you can do for 10 reps. After a short break add 10 or more pounds and do 9 reps. Continue adding at least 10 pounds and working your way toward 1 rep. So it may look like this for an average guy…

155×10, 165×9, 175×8, 185×7, 195×6, 205×5, 215×4, 225×3, 235×2, 245×1.

“But what do I do if I add 10 lbs and cant get all the reps?”

Glad you asked. In this case you stay where you are in weight and number but finish the remaining sets- i.e. if our example misses 215×4 they will then go back to 205×5 and stay there, doing 205×5, for the remaining 3 sets.

so it would look like this…

155×10, 165×9, 175×8, 185×9, 195×6, 205×5, 215×4 (missed the 4th rep), 205×5, 205×5, 205×5. Done.

Ideally the guys and girls will be able to form 2 groups and work in with eachother and help change weights for eachother. You can add more than 10 pounds at a time if you need to. You should be pretty whipped when this is finished. But we are going to do a finisher anyway.

AMRAP 8 Minutes

8 Wall Ball
8 Burpees

Mac has been working hard and got to the top of the rope climb Saturday after a 385 deadlift and the Tabata Mash Up. The hard work and good nutrition is paying off!

The rope climb is becoming a popular item on the skill sheet…use these tips from Chris N. and you’ll be touching the chain with ease.

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  1. raw, but recovering thank you! wow, my first post. it took a raw butt and 6000 miles but here i am. thanks liz. we miss everyone there as well. its too hot here to work out. it was 105-107 the other day. oh, poor us. hows the snow?