“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.”

Congratulations to Mike and Shelly LaSelva who just welcomed their first child, a new baby girl, into the world!



5 rounds rest as needed between rounds

Press 75% of your 1rep max for max reps (Its OK if the last reps turn into push presses to finish the set)
Strict Pull Ups max reps (It’s OK if there’s some kip on the last reps of the set)

score reps and weight

So for example if you have a 100lb max on your strict press you will do 75lbs and many times as you can then when you can’t do another rep walk right over to the pull up bar and do as many strict pull ups as you are able. If you can only do a couple set a reasonable minimum per round and get that amount with minimum breaks.

Rest as much as you want in between rounds.

Thank you Amy S for a fantastic class and thanks to all who participated and the generous donations to help relief efforts in Haiti. Mike McGrail’s employer Kraft Foods Inc. is doubling the donation!

Congrats to Jon Miles for his first Muscle Up! There are quite a few guys who are on the cusp of getting the technique Lets get those Muscle Ups by February!

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