From The Skill Sheet select a goal under the categories of:

1. Deadlift

2. Push Ups

3. 1 Selection from the running category or rope climb

Achieve your highest level in each category.

Nettie Kicking But and representing C3!

CrossFit Endurance Will be holding a Certification at CrossFit Cape Cod either the weekend of June 5-6th or August 14-15th If you would like to attend or know someone from the Running or Multi-Sport endurance community that would like to attend, please let me know if you prefer either weekend over the other. I am requesting June 5th-6th if there are no preferences.

After this Cert we are going to form an endurance team and train for and participate in multiple races. I received the following e-mail regarding the formation of an endurance team.

There are a lot of new exciting things about to emerge within CrossFit Endurance. We are encouraging the new and all old affiliates to create racing teams so that we can push this extremely large endurance community towards you. We would like you to create your own endurance community with the CrossFit Endurance community. Although CrossFit has realized a ton of success since its inception, we are trying to help affiliates continue to penetrate the endurance community. There are close to 45 million endurance athletes in the United States alone, and we feel they are quickly (quicker than we can keep up) learning about what we are all doing. We are looking to push them to you in your area.

The requirements to start a CrossFit Endurance Team are, that you must be a CrossFit affiliate, you or your gym must have attended a CFE certification within the last year, and there will be a yearly affiliate fee. You may have athletes on your team that are not members at your affiliate, which will allow you to expand and target the endurance community in your area. If you meet the above requirements, you will just have to come up with a team name (i.e CrossFit (Affiliate) Endurance Team). There is room for flexibility for the team name as long as it has Endurance at the end. It is $500 annual fee for the first teams. Please contact Amanda to expedite this process.

We are encouraging teams to charge their members a small fee in order to off set the cost, as any business should charge their members. We have seen several Endurance Clubs thrive to bring their members to mediocrity, and we know that this can be incredibly more successful than this. We realize some people were already affiliates and we had no idea it was going to grow the way it did. With that said, we needed help and needed to find a way we could help all of you out. This will all tie into a series of races we are planning on hosting around the country/world, in which we will encourage your team to participate and compete against other teams. We are pushing for the first CrossFit Endurance event to take place in September. Expect some interesting things out of this.

Let me know if you want to move forward with this, since you already meet the requirements, and we can get your team and payment information set up in MindBody Online. From there we will have you send us your team endurance link and we will get it up on the website. Please let me know if you have any other questions.
Thank you!

Anyone like the idea of joining the CrossFit Cape Cod Endurance Team which will hold swimming,biking and running wods in addition to the regular wods?

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  1. Wow this team is going to be sick! I’m in and very excited to see what CrossFit endurance does for us! I will tell them that we are on board with June. We will start training for team events as early as Mid March.