Press 3×5 add 5 lbs more than last time

Strict Pull Ups 3 Sets Max Reps. If you can do more than 15 you can opt to do weighted pull ups 3×5

Followed By

For Time

10 toes to bar , 1 burpee box jump
9 toes to bar, 2 burpee box jumps
8 toes to bar, 3 burpee box jumps
etc. Until you complete 1 toes to bar and 10 burpee box jumps.

Guys use 24″ box girls use medium box.

It seems that most of us are participating in the challenge to not eat sugar for the month of March. I am sure that this will be a good thing. The first Monday in March we will do a benchmark workout and retest it April 3rd. If you normally eat sugar I encourage you to take a before picture March 1st and then after picture April 2nd. It could surpise you what a diffence you see!

Participants in the no sugar challenge- every Monday we will all tally how many times we had sugar in the past week. For each time the penalty is 20 burpees. So for example if I decided to have sugar in my coffe Tuesday, broke down and ate a twinky Thursday and then just couldn’t control myself around the brownies at the luncheon on Saturday…then Monday I owe myself and the other participants in the challenge 60 burpees as my warm up on Monday.

Just to be clear this is a fairly lenient definition of eating sugar. It only applies to “sweets” and things that have sugar in them like deserts and such and straight up sugar. It does not apply to things such as maple syrup or fruit. It does apply to things like fruit juice that have sugar as a sweetener. If it is called Fruit Punch and the label says “contains 10 percent fruit juice”- read the label and I promise you that there is tons of sugar in it- 20 burpees. Don’t be fooled by terms like evaporated cane juice, sucralose etc. Those are just fancy ways to disguise that the “organic chocholate covered 100% natural whole grain super feel good” health snack that cost $8 bucks a piece are filled with sugar. Hopefully it tastes 20 burpees good.

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  1. I’m in for the sugar challenge, too. Greg and I are going on a cruise the 3rd week in March – chances are I’ll be doing a few burpees the Monday after 🙂