AMRAP 20 Minutes

5 Deadlifts 225/155
7 Pull Ups
9 Box Jumps Lg./Med.

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Some Basic Nutrition Tips:

As you have heard before the CrossFit Dietary prescription is- Eat Meat and Vegetables Nuts and Seeds, Some Fruit, Little Starch, No Sugar.

Here are just a couple quick pointers for the day to day of it.

Dairy- If you are trying to lean out try eliminating Dairy for a few weeks and see what happens. Most people find that last ten pounds or bloated feeling will go away if they just stop the milk and cheese.
On the other end of the spectrum-if someone wants to get bigger and stronger-quick-add lots of milk-if you can digest it well. Try this for a month or two and then cut back when you start ripping your jeans.

Post Workout: You noticed that the wording is some fruit. Now is a great time along with some protein for that banana or the apple sauce- even your little starch like sweet potato. The body is hungry and in overdrive to repair itself after you work really hard during the WOD. Instead of effecting insulin these high glycemic carbs are quickly used for recovery by your body within about an hour after your workout. However eliminating fat (nuts and seeds, oil, avocado etc.) is a good idea for a post WOD meal. Fats will slow the quick absorption and blunt the effect you desire. Try this and you may also notice that you will recover faster and reduce soreness as well.

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