21 Overhead Squats
42 Pull Ups
15 Overhead Squats
30 Pull Ups
9 Overhead Squats
18 Pull Ups

There are new bands. If you are already doing unassisted pull ups you are not allowed to use them. If you are ready to move down from green bands now is your opportunity.

Please keep the chalk in the bucket.

There are new jump ropes if you would like to buy one and cut it to length and write your name on it and tie streamers to it and glue glitter all over it then please feel free! After you purchase it from us. They are 20 dollars each.

Last but not least I want everyone to know that I love them. People aren’t told often enough so there I said it.

7 Responses

  1. so devious. berate us about chalk, ropes, and band use then right as we
    are about to say we have had enough – tell us you love us. . .

    im onto your game. ill be there early tomorrow.

  2. Tom, Feel free to use that psycolgical pretzel hold with the kids when you are headmaster!

    But seriously if anyone wants to buy a rope they are for sale.

  3. you ever see kevin garnette chalk his hands before the game and toss the remainder into the air creating a huge dust cloud and the 20,000 screaming fans go wild? thats me before every workout. a short fat white guy with no fans living briefly in a fantasy. thanks mark, for tearing the rug out….

  4. Pretty clear to me after today’s workout that the portion of my brain responsible for coordinating overhead squats has been systematically destroyed by cheese fries & bud light…