Coach Don McCauley will be putting on an Olympic Weightlifting Clinic Thursday August 12th at 4:00pm At CrossFit Cape Cod. There is a sign-up sheet at C3. The cost is 80 dollars. The clinic is Approximately 4 hours and Coach McCauley will focus on the Clean, The Jerk, and The Snatch. This is a rare opportunity and should not be missed!
I received the following in a recent e-mail from him…

I will be bringing Holley Mangold,+75kg American Open champion, International team member, Suzanne Leathers, alternate 2000 Olympic Team, two-time Sr. World Team and Pan-Am team member, Tina Carson, national class lifter, multi-certified CrossFit coach.

Here is some video as well…

Everyone was talking about Duda and the scores he put up this week.(522 Football Gone Bad!?) Before I make the “Who is Duda?” T-shirts check out this video that I pulled from the CF archives and chime in if this is in fact the one and only Duda. WMV MOV

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  1. Mark –

    Tom from Lux here … I’ve been gone one week but I am WICKED missing CrossFit Cape Cod.

    I am happy to report that I’ve been tracking the WOD and despite a calf strain, travel to various cities, and a life outside the region I am keeping up.

    Get Michelle and the others to the session with Don. Amazing stuff even on the video so he will add SOOOO much value to the folks you have coming to CFCC.

    I really miss you guys. Puke away!!

  2. I thought that was him! Thanks for confirming.

    Tom-you are destined for a great career as a solid CrossFitter-look out Lux! We will see you next time you are in the states!

    Everyone interested in the Olympic lifting clinic please register this week at C3. It is a hands on clinic. I highly reccomend taking advantage of this oppoutunity to be instructed by an Olympic level coach for such a fair price.

  3. Hey Mark,
    Please sign me up for the lifting clinic. Nett and I are on vacation in very hot and humid Florida this week and making up early morning WODs as we go.

    See you guys next week.

  4. I am very good friends, CrossFit buddy, and old college teammate of Duda’s. Can I please get this shirt if you guys make it?

    Let me know, please!