Ann Finishing Out A Great Summer With Some Ring Dips



Pull Up Ladder (Death By Pull Ups)
This Time We Will Start at 3 Pull Ups For The First 2 Minutes Then Add 1 Rep Each Minute Until You Are No Longer Able To Continue. Kipping or Strict, Weighted Or Unweighted. If You Don’t Make It To 10 Try To Work Your Way Back Down The Ladder

Q. What Should I do On Rest Days?

A. This

Q. Can I Do That Every Day?

A. Only If You Want To Be More Injury Proof And Flexible And Improve Your Range Of Motion.

Q. What If Since It Takes Like Four Minutes I Miss A Day Or Only Get To Do It A Couple Times A Week?

A. Let Me Ask You A Question- What Do You Think The Patriots Chances Are This Year? Really, That’s Weird, Me Too. Now That We Have That Sorted Out I’ll Answer Your Question- Just Do Your Best And You Will Not Regret It-It’s One Of Those Little Things In Life That Is What Is Considered Doing Something Good For Yourself, Like Buying Yourself Jewelry Or A New Outfit. Add To That List Spinal Health And Hip Mobility.

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  1. Mark – do you have a keyboarding program that automatically capitalizes the first letter of every word for you? Curiosity is finally getting the best of me.