Within 15 Minutes Work Up To A
1 Rep Max Clean
Squat Or Power, Take It From The Ground To The Shoulder And Stand All The Way Up

Followed By
Death By Clean And Jerk
1 The First Minute 2 The Second And So On Until You Are No Longer Able To Continue. If You Don’t Make It Past 8 Take 1 Minute And Work Your Way Back Down The Ladder

Coach’s Corner

We all appreciate it when people are completely honest with us-especially if we want to hear the truth. When it comes to our levels of fitness we need full disclosure and honesty…from ourselves. Are you honest with yourself about how much work you put in to getting in shape? Here are some helpful suggestions to get you closer to achieving your goals and giving yourself a real honest evaluation-where are you along the path to fitness/wellness?

1. For A Week Or Two Keep A Food Journal.
What this will do is bring you face to face with the facts. What are you eating how much and how often. Nothing obsessive just record the stuff you eat. When you see the week or two in overview patterns will emerge. It is all to easy to have selective memory when it comes to our indiscretions. This type of self honesty won’t leave us standing in front of the mirror or on the scale wondering why we aren’t making the progress we may feel entitled to-we will have the plain truth. If we are doing well we will understand more deeply why and how to refine things.

2. Keep Gym Attendance Records On A Calendar For 1 Month
What this will do is allow you to see an overview of how often you actually train. Again the selective memory principle applies. You may feel like you are really regular with your workouts or that what you are doing is adequate-but when you have the actual facts to refer to-you have the plain and simple truth right there in front of you. Simply use a desk or wall calendar or a phone calendar. Perhaps write in the times you plan on coming to C3 for the WOD. Then next to that as the month goes on make a mark or notation indicating whether or not you made your goal.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”