Nettie and Molly doing Helen Rx’d! I remember when they got their first pull ups!



10 Rounds For Time
15 Deadlifts 135
15 Push Ups

Quick Tips On GREAT French Onion Soup! (See the recipe in comments from yesterday.)

There are a lot of good recipes in the comments and some mind blowing bartender tricks from Bushy-Be sure to try them!

If you are feeling headaches and or dizziness during the early stages of Paleo this feeling will go away.
If you are feeling hungry make sure that you are eating a sufficient amount and having protein, good carbs and good fat with all your main meals.
Now its time to keep going, watch your scores on the WODs go through the roof and look and feel better!

To review the 3 Benchmark WODs are:
1. 3 Sets of max strict pull ups for total reps. For example 6,5,5 =16
2. 4 Rounds For Time Body Weight Deadlift, Run 400
3. AMRAP 12 Minutes 6 Burpees 8 Wall Ball 10 Box Jumps

Please make sure that you have completed all 3 if you are in the Paleo Challenge or plan to make up any that you haven’t yet completed asap.

This Saturday we will be totaling your points for Wednesday-Friday! Please bring your food journals which you are required to fill out for all 90 days.

Keep up the great comments and recipes!
Day 3 here we go!

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  1. Kateyb

    Great, easy pork chop recipe. 5 min prep time. I’d go extremely light on the cayennne. I’m also going to try browning the chops first next time.

    What you’ll need
    4 Pork Chops
    1 Onion
    3 Apples
    1 Small squeeze o’ honey
    1 Lemon (for the juice)
    1/2 t Cayenne Pepper
    1/2 t Nutmeg
    1 t Cinnamon
    1/2 t Salt
    1/4 Cup of Water

    How You’ll Make It
    1 Preheat oven to 350F.
    2 Place pork chops in single layer in large baking dish.
    3 Place sliced onions on top of chops.
    4 Place apple slices on top.
    5 Drizzle with honey and lemon juice.
    6 Sprinkle cayenne, nutmetg, cinnamon and salt on top.
    7 Pour water around the edges.
    8 Cook covered for 1 hour or until chops are cooked through.

  2. I saw that someone (maybe on FB?) was asking about ranch dressing. I haven’t tried this yet but it looks pretty good. I like the no coconut taste comment – I’m not a coconut fan.

    Ranch Dressing
    1 C paleo mayo
    1 C coconut milk
    1 t dried dill
    1/2 t garlic powder
    Pepper to taste

    Mix all together. Better if refrigerated for one hour before serving but
    not necessary. Should be noted that this tastes just like regular dressing,
    no coconut taste at all. Great as a salad dressing or dip for raw veggies.

  3. Lindsey, here are a couple dressing recipes that I heart….

    chipotle vinaigrette

    1 Tbsp honey
    2 Tbsp lemon juice
    1 Tbsp apple cider vinegar
    1-2 Tbsp extra virgin olive oil
    1/2 tsp pepper
    1/2 tsp chili powder
    1 tsp garlic powder
    dash of cayenne

    Shallot Dijon Vinaigrette

    1 small shallot
    3 teaspoons cider vinegar
    1/3 cup olive oil
    1 teaspoon dijon mustard
    1 teaspoon honey
    1 teaspoon lemon juice
    1/2 teaspoon cracked black pepper
    salt to taste

  4. OK, far and away best nut at Trader Joe’s:
    Thai Lime and Chili Cashews.

    Legend has it that after becoming enlightened, Buddha went paleo, eating only these nuggets of yum and got wicked skinny, much to the chagrin of the ODSA (Oriental Deity Sculptors Association) who already had hundreds of thousands of “fat” Buddha statues in their warehouse destined for Chinese restaurants around the globe.

    BTW, TL&C cashews aren’t always in stock so if you see them, buy a couple of bags.

  5. Somebody talk CrossFit Mamma down off the ledge!

    Greg that is some fascinating history, all true, my great, great, great grandfather lost a lot of money in ODSA and renounced religion.

  6. I feel the same way crossfit mama! Who is crossfit mama anyway? My fave salad dressing is soooo simple: olive oil, balsamic vineagar, about 5 crushed garlic cloves, and a few teaspoons lemon juice, it lasts a while! I hope everyone keeps commenting for 90 days, it’s keeping me from attacking my kids goldfish crackers at night!!!!!

  7. Dana

    Banana and Flaxseed Pancakes
    serves 2 (small portion)

    1/2 mashed banana
    2 tbs almond butter
    1 1/2 tbs flaxseed meal
    1 egg
    coconut oil

    Mix first 4 ingredients together and heat sufficient amount of coconut oil over medium heat. Spoon out 2 pancakes onto pan and cook for ~1 minute each side. I serve with additional 2 eggs and berries.

  8. Dana

    Here is a dressing I use to dehydrate kale which makes a delicious dressing as well. I would highly recommend purchasing a food dehydrator. Bed Bath and Beyond has the Nesco for $48 post 20% coupon. I make my own beef jerky, kale chips and zucchini chips to snack on.

    1/2 C tahini
    2 cloves garlic
    1/4 C olive oil
    1/2 tsp sea salt
    1/2 C water
    Pinch cayenne
    1/2 C grounded golden flax seeds (optional) to sprinkle on kale

    Mix ingredients in blender. If dehydrating kale tear big bunch in 2 inch pieces. Dehydrate 2 to 2 1/2 hours on vegetable setting.

  9. Wow… You guys are making my job so much easier! The comments are great and the community is thriving. Please remember that you only get 1 Point per day… but we still love that you are all answering each others questions and supporting one another… We also reconize those of you that are putting in extra work to get that point… Keep it up…

    0 points- Jon for eating sand

    1 Point- Katey B
    Nicole G
    Jen D
    Greg (not sure if its is benton or walka)

    Can’t wait to see everyones post today!

  10. Hi ErinM. My name is Danielle. Just came of board. I call myself Mama cause I have three boys and I like to feed people large amounts of food.
    I might need a new name!
    Everyone has been talking about dressings. While I usually squeeze half a lemon into salad bowl and whisk in few Tbs. olive oil then add salt and pepper; this is a recipe my adorable little French grandma has always made.
    I am going to give you guys the dimensions so you can make a ton of this and keep it in your fridge. You can scale it down too.

    1/4 cup dijon mustard
    6 large cloves garlic minced
    1 shallot minced
    2/3 cup good apple cider vinegar
    drizzle in 2 cups olive oil
    add 1/2 cup chopped parley
    plenty kosher salt and lots of pepper
    You can put this in a jar and shake it up. Keeps forever in fridge.

    This is a great dressing for lettuce but, if you get tired of the run of the mill lettuce salad do this!

    Lightly steam some veggeis like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower etc.
    Keep in fridge so they are nice and cold. When you are ready toss these veggies w/ some of this dressing, sliced red onion and sliced cherry tomatoes. Awesome!

  11. I just made an omelet, then added some trader joes guacamole and roasted garlic salsa. Quick, simple, and tasted great. Hopefully I will be back working out soon, need those extra points:)

  12. I was just craving something besides meats and veggies, I have Organic Unsweetened coconut flakes in the pantry, I grabbed a handful of it and mixed in 1 teaspoon of raisins and a few chopped pecans.
    It felt naughty, and probably is if eaten in large quantities. Kind of a healthy trail mix.

  13. JenD

    Thanks for all the dressing recipes! We have company arriving in a few weeks and I know we are going to go out to eat. I try tonplan ahead by checking out menus online first. Was wondering how people go paleo at their fav area restaurants? Brazillian Grill would be easy- lots of meat to choose from and salad and usually other veggies at the buffet.

  14. JenD

    Anybody have a taco seasoning mix/recipe they use? We usually make taco bowls (no shells just mean and veggies) but the mix we used was full of no-nos.

  15. Kateyb

    Been eating a great salad: romaine lettuce, yellow pepper, clementine, avacado. Dressing: olive oil, lime juice, garlic, cilantro, salt& pepper. I throw some chicken on top. It’s delicious. Enjoy.

  16. JenD, eating out is actually fairly easy, it just takes a little more time with the menu. Steak houses seem to be the easiest, select a cut of meat, and add a side of veggies. Most places have steak or chicken available. I was even able to find a paleo meal at Olive Garden when my mouther-in-law took us there for dinner. Just beware of sauces, most have flour and/or sugar.

  17. I forgot to add, with sauces, topping, etc, you can usually request them to be left off the meal. Also ask your server how the veggies are cooked, sometimes they are cooked in butter. Most restaurants are very accommodating with food requests, just make sure you tip well:)

  18. Here is a recipe for Paleo Pancakes which are a staple in our house. We typically make a triple batch on the weekend so we have breakfast prepared for most of the week. I usually eat two or three, and Tim three or four. They are very tasty!

    This makes a single batch:

    2 eggs
    1/2 c. unsweetened applesauce
    1/2 c. nut butter (not peanut butter) almond butter works well
    1/4 tsp. cinnamon
    1/4 tsp. vanilla extract
    coconut oil or olive oil
    (scoop of egg white protein powder is optional)

    Mix all of the ingredients together, except for the oil, in a bowl. Stir well, until you have a uniform batter. Next, use the oil to grease a non-stick skillet. Spread some of the batter into the skillet to form a pancake, then cook over low/medium heat. Flip after a few minutes, being careful not to burn them!

    Once you’ve cooked all of your pancakes, you can serve them with a variety of toppings: chopped apples and cinnamon, heated blueberries, or applesauce.

    Tip: Don’t jump the gun and flip them too early. (Unless you want mistake pancakes, which Tim and I always eat right away, so they don’t mess up our mountain of pancakes:)

    Make a batch this weekend and let me know how you like them!

  19. Enjoy avocado? Mash it up and use it as a spread (anything you would normally put mayo on). You can also add the avocado to different chopped up fruits like mango or peaches to make a sweet salsa.

  20. Greg – I am interested in paeleo kits. I’ll take 25 of whatever kind you’re getting.

    And for a point – Paleo Challenge Bartending tip #2 – I like to call it “Fun Friday” It’s a wild one – hope you’re ready. wait til 11pm and have your shot of booze. then at midnight (next day . . . )have another! only bummer is that you can’t have one saturday night. . .

    no – i’m not drunk, just a genius.

  21. One of the most important things we all “know’ but often don’t do is hydrate properly. Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Every system in your body depends on water.

    Nett and I have done many cleanses and during the initial detox period it is more critical than ever to make sure you are giving your body enough water to flush out the bad stuff.

    We all went “strict paleo” on Wednesday so I guarantee we are all detoxing to some degree (reference Danielle’s wanting to commit one of the seven deadly sins).

    Ladies and Gentlemen, the Institute of Medicine advises that men consume roughly 3 liters (about 13 cups) of total beverages a day and women consume 2.2 liters (about 9 cups) of total beverages a day. Other experts recommend that you should drink just under half your body weight in ounces of water throughout each day (which is what I try to do). And for those of us who endured those 10 rounds of joy today, you should add another couple of 8oz glasses to replace the two you left on the mat.

    So how do you make this happen? It’s really not that hard. All of us have water bottles, right? Use them. Often. Figure out the amount you should be taking in and do it. The following link is a cool little “how much should I drink” calculator. http://nutrition.about.com/library/blwatercalculator.htm

    Finally, yes, you are going to pee alot. BUT take comfort in the fact that your body is getting rid of toxins and all kinds of stuff that shouldn’t be in it. And (maybe just as important) your rate of weight loss will improve.

  22. Greg-Hydration is a great topic! I have been drinking half my body weight in water, plus some to replenish what was lost during WODs, for a long time now. I’ve actually have massage therapists comment on how hydrated my muscles feel.

    My strategy for keeping track of how much water I drink is by filling my two Kleen Kanteens (40 oz. and 27 oz.) each morning, and making sure that they are empty my the end of the day.

    Note: Don’t try to catch up by downing a ton of water right before bedtime, it will affect your sleep!

  23. Thanks to everyone for the recipes and ideas! Being a complete paleo “virgin” I underestimated the preparation and planning that needs to go into this…. doing a 9 hour shift today I realize I am either going to be very hungry or down a lot of points by the end of my shift…. I did bring 1 paleo meal and always have Lara bars on hand so I may be Ok…..
    Just my own tidbit, and a lame attempt to get a point, if you supplement with protein powder, I use it after a tough workout ie..150 deadlifts,150 push-ups.. Hemp protein is Paleo! And has some extra omega 3&6 in it…. hemp protein is also vegetarian and won’t give you the gas that egg protein does..
    My post workout smoothee

    1 cup Coconut milk
    1/2 cup frozen mixed berries
    1 banana
    2 – 4 tbsp hemp proein powder

    Mix in blender until smooth…..

  24. this is making me so happy. I love everyones enthusiasm.
    So this is todays tip/point (it’s sat).
    Last night at work I made these and thought they’d be perfect if anyone needs to entertain.

    Bunch of asparagus (in season in Chile)
    4 ounces of proscutto

    preheat oven to 450
    get a metal sheet pan
    take a stalk of asparagus and pull a strip of proscutto off of the big piece.
    Wrap the strip of pros. around the bottom 2/3 of the asparagus. Like you’d wrap string around a stick. It can look messy, just as long as it’s wrapped.
    Line them up like little soldiers on the sheet and drizzle with olive oil.
    Bake for 8-10 minutes, or until the pros. looks brown and crispy.
    eat hot!

  25. First of all Bushy is brilliant.

    Last night we got together with family and wanted something “fun” to eat. It was Friday night right?!
    Made Paleo Buffalo Wings. Here is how.
    In a large bowl put a few tablespoons of olive oil, about 1/2 cup of Frank’s Red Hot (no sugar in it), a sprinkle of cayenne pepper. Put a small amount in another bowl and use this to baste wings that are on a cookie sheet. Sprinkle wings with a little kosher salt. Pop in a 400 degree oven till cooked through. About 1/2 hour.
    Next run them under the broiler a couple of minutes turning them once so they get nice and crispy. Then toss them in the big bowl use started with that has most of the sauce in it. ( This bowl has not had raw chicken in it.)
    They were awesome! And we did not even miss the blue cheese dip because we did this!………
    Follow the recipe for paleo ranch dressing (I did not put in dill)
    I also through in some minced garlic, extra lemon juice, and chopped scallions. We were all very happy and all very paleo:)

  26. Paleo Meatballs

    1 lb ground beef (or turkey)
    1 egg
    diced peperonicinis (optional)
    italian seasoning
    garlic powder
    fresh ground pepper
    kosher salt
    almond meal
    fresh basil

    Mix all ingredients together, then form into balls. I like to sautee them in a little olive oil until brown, then serve with homemade spaghetti sauce. If you decide to buy sauce, make sure you check the ingredients, most have sugar. When making your own sauce, to sweeten it, instead of adding sugar, shredded carrots work very well.

  27. I had a lot of question about which specific foods for paleo are Good/Bad/Moderation??? So I found a list and mark and sarah have edited it to make it CrossFitCapeCod approved. Great for the fridge, or to take to the supermarket for ideas. If anyone wants a copy i brought some in to the Box or you can email me and i will happily send a copy(as a word doc) to you.

    [email protected].

  28. Jane that meatball recipe sounds delicious!

    Below are some ideas for butter/fat substitutions that I found compliments of CrossFit New England…

    Butter/Fat: Replace butter, margarine, shortening, lard etc. with olive oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, canola oil, or avocado oil. Olive oil has a wonderful flavor and is high in the health promoting monounsaturated fats but generally has a poor omega-6 to omega-3 fat ratio (~13). The same situation exists for avocado oil, and these two oils should be frequently complemented by or blended together with other oils containing better (lower) omega-6 to omega-3 ratios such as flaxseed (0.24), canola (2.0) or walnut (5.1) oils.

    Ground Turkey seasoned with:
    1 TBSP Cayenne Pepper
    1 TBSP Chili Powder
    1 TBSP Cumin
    1/2 TBSP Paprika
    1 TBSP Onion Powder
    2 tsp Oregano
    Shredded Lettuce


  30. JenD

    Anybody know if true lemon is a no-no? I usually use 1 packet/32 oz water or more for variety and when the filter starts to go on the fridge (I’m wicked sensitive to the taste change in our water).

  31. Jen , I just looked up the ingredients in it, and there’s evaporated cane juice aka sugar. so that’s a no:(
    Squeeze some lemon into your water and it should alter the flavor for you

  32. Lemon Salmon
    Piece of salmon fillet placed on an aluminum foil lined cookie sheet.

    Mix about 2 Tbs paleo mayo with
    1 and 1/2 tsp dijon mustard. Slather over salmon and grate the zest of one lemon over the top. Sprinkle with kosher salt and fresh black pepper.
    Roast in 400 degree oven till cooked through. Aprox 20 min. Run under broiler at the end to brown.