If you stretch after your workout the room will turn into a really relaxing roller coaster as you can see in the picture here.
5 Rounds Rest As Needed
Back Squat 3 Reps
Max Strict Or Weighted Pull Ups
Only 4 more days in December-Are you on track with paleo? If you got off track have you resolved to get back into the swing of things in January?

Mobility WOD

11 Responses

  1. Val, I know you had a vision of eating “perfect” for 3 months, please don’t let the holiday eating derail you.
    That’s why this plan is so awesome, you can get right back on track if you don’t mentally beat yourself up..
    Whenever I make a conscious choice to eat nonpaleo I try to fully enjoy it, and not let guilt enter the picture.
    You’re doing great Val!

  2. Also Val, this past week I ate a ton of “paleo cookies” and a whole box of chocolate covered cherries. In one day. Yeah. that’d be a zero point day. Anyway, as much as I enjoyed it, coming off the sugar was hard for a couple of days, I ate a bit more fat then normal and didn’t let myself get hungry. Also ditching any leftovers was key in getting back on track.

  3. I love cheeseburgers.
    I mean like, LOVE them. All three of my pregnancies could be described as a quest to get my next cheeseburger. Believe me I love gourmet food, but ask me what my last meal would be and I would march into 99 and order the ” All-star burger and I would slather mayo on it. (Don’t you dare judge me.) I would also eat the salty fries and I’d order a Sam Adams to go with it. Not unlike what a truck driver would order I know, but I digress. I wanted a burger tonight. BAD. So here is what I did. I got my cast iron pan screamin hot. (Best instrument to cook a burger in my opinion.) I added a little oil. Mixed up some of my nice grass fed ground beef with plenty of kosher salt and tons of fresh black pepper. Next I seared the burgers and got a nice crust on both sides, turned em down and let them cook. Next. I had just made a fresh batch of my paleo mayonnaise so I took a tiny bit of it and pulsed in some sun dried tomatoes and a shot of tomato paste. (Now we have the burger, mayo and the ketchup element.) Are you with me? Next I caramelized a pan of vidalia onions and mushrooms. Pile all this goodness onto a few Boston lettuce leaves. Top with a little thinly sliced avacado and wrap the whole thing up. I needed my crunchy element so I thinly sliced some iceburg (yeah I know it has no nutrional value but its better than eating fries) I dressed this with a tart lemon vinagrette. I have to say this burger and a glass of red wine put me into a state of bliss. And the best part?
    Still Paleo.

  4. Waldorf Salad

    2 cups of cooked diced chicken
    1 large apple, diced
    1 cup chopped grapes
    ½ cup chopped walnuts
    ¼ cup paleo mayo
    2 teaspoons lime juice
    2 teaspoons honey
    Black pepper

    In a medium size bowl, combine chicken, apple, grapes and walnuts.

    In a small bowl, combine mayonnaise, lime juice and honey and mix until well blended.

    Season to taste with pepper.

    Toss salad with dressing.

  5. Val…… You are not alone! to top mine off I haven’t been able to workout for 4 days….. I feel like doo doo. Can’t wait to get to c3 tomorrow!

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