For Time


Over Head Walking Lunge 45/25

50 Toes To Bar


Over Head Walking Lunge 45/25

50 Knees To Elbows


Over Head Walking Lunge 45/25

50 Sit Ups
Mikko Salo On 1000 Burpees For Time WMV MOV 
Mobility WOD
We made it past the 1/2 way point of the challenge- tell us how its going in the comments! Let’s hear the good the bad and the ugly-what has the challenge done for you so far?

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  1. kateyb

    I think paleo is the best I’ve ever eaten, health-wise. I feel great. I don’t feel like it’s great for weight loss, with out some tweeking. But it’s worth it for the energy alone. I think paleo is the basis for how i’ll eat from now on.
    Also, to put some perspective on how many nuts cavemen probably ate, try buying them in the shell:)

  2. Katie it is funny you say that. I bought nuts in the shell this past week and was amazed at how little I was eating compared to the work involved in cracking them.
    A good thing in fact!
    You are right about the weight loss. I know I need to keep tweeking.

  3. Paleo is the best I’ve ever eaten and I feel amazing! It’s a lot of work, food prep and shopping- but definitely worth it! I’ve lost weight but you can still overeat for sure- i think it’s important not to focus on the number on the scale, I’ve learned that – I am truly shocked I’ve lasted this long – 🙂 thanks to everyone for the support!!

  4. I am absolutely positive that in that last 45 days i’ve eaten more vegetables than some 12 month periods in my life. I physically i feel good, but not great yet, i know it will come. I miss working out with everyone but Jane and I are regularly freaking out people with our CF workouts at the Hotel Gym where we joined for the month. Also, we hooked our 18yr old nephew and he is loving the Kool-aid. We did a tabata (squat, pushup, situp and 10m run) and he said “20 seconds, are we gonna do something after?” then when we finished he said gasping for breathe “OK, that was a little harder than i thought” Welcome to Crossfit, Caleb.

  5. To lose weight on Paleo I’ve found little to no nuts, no more then 2 pieces of fruit a day, little to no starchy vegetables, and no sweeteners like honey and maple syrup works. Also paying attention to weather or not you’re truly hungry when about to eat is just as important to notice if you’re content/almost full when you stop.
    It takes a lot of focus!

    I haven’t been eating to lose this time around. I have however gained strength, which has been reflected in my lifts. Abstaining from sugar and dairy has made any cardio wods so much easier. The burning in the face and chest has gone away so that I can focus more on speed and strength in my body rather then the pain distracting me in my face.
    My death by 10 meters went from 13 rounds this summer to 16 last week. I’m pretty sure I’ve been one of the worst runners at c3. That was huge for me.
    a lot of my lifts have gone up by 10 lbs. I feel strong and healthy!

    I feel like I can continue this for the long term by sticking to it most of the time, and then if there’s a special occasion eating looser. I went out in Providence the other night, and took a zero for the day, but still didn’t have dessert. The corn tortilla for the spicy meatballs and the creamy soup in addition to all the extra butter and who knows what else was decadent enough. I’m finding sugar crashes me out for days, it’s really hard to recover from.

    My body composition is changing, as Bushy pointed out my King Arthur is almost gone!
    I love this, and all of the support we’ve been giving each other.

  6. I was a grump the first week, then felt better then I ever had for the next 4! I felt strong and determined… until this past week!!! I couldn’t seem to shake an illness, wasn’t able to work out, and got so discouraged I started cheating! SO mad at myself! Self loathing aside, you are all inspiring me not to give up! I went shopping, stocked my fridge, and am back on track. There is NO WAY kateyb and crossfit mama are gonna leave me in there dust, just so I can cry while watching their their newly raised crossfit behinds sprint toward an awesome summer of confidence in the land of Beautiful People!… Did I take that metaphor too far? 🙂

  7. Gabe, I’m pretty sure you can get a job writing at an inspirational holiday card company. I just cried a very tiny tear. Look forward to working out with you.

  8. I think in tweaking the paleo diet if you try to implement the zone somewhat it really helps with portion control find where you fit bodytype wise and see how many blocks work for you if your looking for weight loss maybe try less blocks to start then tweak it based on how you feel it is working for you. I try to follow a paleo/zone as much as possible and i think it works well to keep you lean but still giving you the energy levels you need to complete the wod.

  9. I agree with Seth, I measured my protein for the first week to get an eye on 3-4 ounces of protein. Then keeping the Zone principles in mind I would eat a protein carb and fat at every meal. Eating about 4 times a day. combining the food keeps you satiated longer.
    I didn’t measure after the first week because I wanted to learn intuitively the correct portions for myself.

    Correct me if I’m wrong Nicole G, but I’m pretty sure that’s how you typically eat?

    Gabe, that’s how you’ll learn to do this for the long haul. Straying a little, getting over the guilt and getting back on course. Now finish this challenge strong!

  10. Allright guys we are half way through. For those of us who ARE trying to lose weight, we know what we need to do. Yes we feel wonderful, have more energy, sleep better, and all that good stuff, HOWEVER………. the scale has to go down at some point. All of us know what it is going to take for our own individual bodies to shed the pounds. Let’s do this!!!!

    And Gabe…..(now imagine the inspirational 80’s rock music in the background and I am staring at you with a way too serious expression)…..We got this.

  11. Turkey Vegetable Meatballs

    1 lb. ground turkey
    Baby carrots
    Red and green bell peppers
    1/2 cup mushrooms
    Fresh parsley
    Garlic powder
    Black pepper

    Start by prepping some red and green peppers, deseeding, and slicing them. Place them with about 6-8 baby carrots and about 1/2 cup of scallions into a food processor and blend until well chopped.

    With the ground turkey in a large bowl, mix in the diced veggies. Add generous portions of the seasoning to keep the meatballs from turning out bland.

    Cook meatballs in a pan with olive oil.

  12. I hope everyone continues to work at the challenge and their goals. As Liz said, if your goal is to lose weight, you have to cut back on the nuts and fruit, which I know is hard since they are so easy to grab for snacks.
    I feel amazing since starting, I have noticed changes in my body and in my performance, so I am convinced that it really works.

  13. and i used the word “marm” because i read the little house on the prairie series 12 times as a kid. but after a dictionary.com check, its not really a word. burn in hell laura ingalls.

  14. The Paleo Challenge is going great for me. I love that we started it before the holiday season began with all of the unhealthy temptations. I feel really empowered when I am able to say no to poor food choices.

    I am happy to see that people are having such positive results from eating this way. I hear people say that they feel great, sleep better, and perform better and are generally happy with that; even though the scale is not moving downward as quickly as they anticipated. I think that Wellness is a great goal to have in mind, and the rest will fall into place.

    I agree with Seth and Liz. I eat Paleo quality foods while adhering to the Zone principles of portion control and balancing each meal/snack with lean protein, carbs., and healthy fats.

    Jane and Drew, miss you!!!

  15. I gotta get in on this paleo lovefest! Pretty sure everyone knows my results as I pretty much shout it from the rooftop. I’m so psyched to see how many of ya have become converts as well! Before the challenge I was probably about 95% paleo, with no refined carbs EVER, so I figured it would be a breeze. To my dismay, the first week or so at 100% lead to some pretty serious hunger. Apparently the small amounts of sugar and other crap in things like bacon, sausage, canned spaghetti sauce etc add up and do some damage! Since I’ve cut all that out I haven’t seen much in terms of weight loss, which I’m, for the first time
    in my entire life, NOT stressing about! However, I have seen a significant change in athletic performance and I feel so strong. For the past few weeks I’ve actually been able to do five or six days on and remain strong! Good luck you guys…I’m so proud of all of you!!! And Gabe, (eye of the tiger slowly begins to play) Real beauty exists when you can love yourself despite your faults! If
    you want to succeed you gotta do this for you! Vanity is not a long term motivater! Know your beautiful now…want this challenge to better your body, mind and soul…if you can do that you can’t be anything but a winner (yes that was corny and I DON’T CARE)! Now get back on it!!!!

  16. Anonymous

    Nicole S. said…

    I absolutely love the way I feel on Paleo…getting questions by random people of where I work out and do I really eat all that? Its a great feeling. (ok, a full cart of cauliflower, brussel sprouts, kale, broccoli and then the multiple packages of meat…might be making people curious) It makes people think…

    I posted on my “successes” of Paleo on the wrong day…silly me. Anyways…thanks for everyone’s input about the scale number not moving much. I thought I was the only one frustrated with the scale being stuck in limbo…I stopped snacking on nuts within the first 2weeks of the challenge(snack on veggies)I don’t each much fruit or any of Paleo baked goods. Occasional piece of paleo “candy” and honey in my tea. So I’m going to try cutting my intake and need someone to come take my scale away from me.

    Hurry back Drew and Jane, you are both missed.

    I am impressed everyday of how much suppport everyone gives each other. What an incredible group of people!!!