WOD Aftermath Kristin was the sole survivor.





Followed By…

Complete 5 rounds for time of:

Sprint 8×10 Meters

8 Kettlebell Swings 2 Pood

16 Push Ups

*Rest 1 minute between rounds.

We are heading into the last 28 days of the paleo challenge-this is where your efforts count the most and you will really see the most results. Buckle down, double your efforts, go all in. No matter how you say it, take what you have learned over the past 62 days and use it all for a strong finish! As you know we are going to be holding 6 weeks of competitions just a couple of weeks following the challenge. You will be glad you endured!

8 Responses

  1. at first kristen was afraid, she was petrified. she kept thinking she could never lift without mark by her side. but then she spent so many wods just thinking how her form was wrong, and she grew strong, yeah she learned how to get along.

    did you think she’d lay down and die? oh no not kristen. she will survive.

  2. I wanna live in a world where the Gagne’s make perfect paleo pancakes for breakfast, Liz and Danielle team up to cook an unbelievable paleo lunch and dinner…then Bushy arrives to do stand-up, as the evenings entertainment…which I hysterically watch while indulging on Katherines amazing paleo dessert!

    AND I was the only one standing because I was afraid I was gonna need to bail…in the direction of the bathroom 😉

  3. Bushy! Bushy! Bushy! (Lighter Waving In The Air)

    Kristen I think you might prompt Bushy to make his next song adapted from ‘Today was a Good Day’ by Ice Cube.

    Bushy are you available for the Oscar party?

  4. HAHAHAHA! I love it Bushy!

    So how is everyone planning on staying on track for Superbowl? Post your plans and recipes in the comments!

    Here are a couple of my thoughts.

    CF Mamas Paleo Chicken Wings

    Shrimp Cocktail with a homemade Paleo Cocktail Sauce (i don’t have a recipe for that but I will try to make one and post it this week unless someone else does)

    Sweet and Sour Meatballs (I am actually in the process of creating this recipe. Coming soon!)

    Veggie Platter with Liz’s roasted beet dip that I think is Paleo and am hoping she will share with us. And while you are at it can we have your eggplant dip recipe. THANKS!

    Paleo Chili!

    And of course… Some Paleo fudge!

  5. A little bird told me that you can order an inside out sushi roll without rice at Asia and that it is REALLY good. Actually as I am typing this I remember I had it about a month ago. It was really good. So forget the little bird. I am telling you straight up that the sushi rolls at Asia without rice are awesome. A great thing for paleo diners. Their spicy tuna salad also rocked my world.

  6. By the way I miss everyone. I have been super sick with a wicked head cold and have not been able to work out in 5 days. Funny but I feel so alienated and out of the C3 loop even though it has not really been that long. I imagine everyone reaching new PR’s and running (in slow mo with Chariots of Fire in the background) to the end of this competition while I am left in a dust cloud of lower points and physical atrophy. Oh well. Bushy you are stinking funny by the way.

  7. mark – of course i’m in for the party.

    cf mama – hope you feel better. fyi – traci tried as hard as she could to screw up your tart recipe but failed thankfully. it was very good!

    erin – thanks for arrowroot powder. we owe you $2.69.