As Many Rounds As Possible In 20 Minutes
1 Rope Climb
400 Meter Run
Max Reps Hand Stand Push Ups

Scale The Rope Climb With Strict Pull Ups Or Ring Rows
Modify The Hand Stand Push Ups As Needed With The Low Wall Or Boxes

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The 31 Day Good Carb, Bad Carb, Nutrition Challenge.

By way of review the way the challenge works is that for the entire month of may you do your absolute best to replace ‘bad carbs,’ the high glycemic stuff like sugar, bread, pasta, and  similar things with ‘good carbs,’ veggies, veggies, veggies and 2 servings of fruit per day. Try not to overthink it and get hung up on the footnotes and clauses and variations to each statute. A serving of fruit is a serving of fruit-1 apple, 1 Orange, one bananna-or that amount of fruit like pineapple blueberries, watermelon etc.
The big difference between this and the paleo challenge is that I think this will actually work better! Time will tell, but it is not very hard for paleo to turn into lots of paleo fudge, apple crisp, wine and 12 servings of fruit a day. Yes all of these foods have thier place-but large amounts everyday will not impact performance or weightloss with the desired goals. True it’s more nutritious than fast food and probably won’t make you fat-but hey we are crossfitters-good enough-just isn’t! On the 31 day challenge-alcohol is a no go. It’s only 1 month. If you have your usual bacon and there is a little sugar burried in the ingredients that won’t cost you your point for the day. If you have a spoon of maple syrup or honey in your tea or coffee-fine. We are more concerned with the larger amounts of carbs from a non nutritive source-even smaller amounts of which will cost you your point for the day-i.e. candy,mints, a taste of dessert,chips,crackers, etc.
Please if you have questions during the 30 remaining days use the comments section to ask questions and the community can feel free to chime in-I will do my best to keep up with looking in and providing feedback. Let The Fun Begin!

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  1. We have a few new people starting the challenge. What advice can we give them? What helps you succeed on Paleo? For Mark and I the key is having cooked veggies in the fridge. Every few days we chop, roast, steam and store a variety of vegetables. That way any time we are hungry we don’t have an excuse to eat junk. Now that it is grilling season why not double the meat you are grilling for lunch tomorrow? Or throw some veggies on the grill. Please post suggestions to comments.