Amy Kular-Always at the 6:30-getting better every day!



3 Rounds
Row 500
Run 400
Rest 3:00 between rounds

I have been told dozens of times that people want to try CrossFit but they are way to intimidated. Tell us in your own words weather or not people should be intimidated to come try out CrossFit Cape Cod.


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  1. I was intimidated to try Cross Fit Cape Cod. I don’t look like your typical Cross Fitter. For someone like me, short and has had three babies in four years, and someone who has struggled with weight for a while now, Cross Fit in general is intimidating. I checked out the exercises on the Cross Fit page and thought there is no way I can do those things. I have never been an athlete. I have never run in my life, unless it was after my kids. Working out to dvd’s in my living room is about as close as I thought I’d ever get to Cross Fit. Jillian Michaels kicking my butt three-five times a week was good enough I thought. I was wrong.
    I started to seriously think about my fitness (or lack there of) as my 37th birthday approached and I am still doing what I’ve always done. It wasn’t working. Then a local gym opened up with $10 a month fee. A few friends were joining and I went to check it out. Once I walked in I felt it – if I joined this gym it would be just like every other time. I’d pay and go when I felt like it and I could get away with “phoning” in my workout when I wanted to. The loud music, the people with the muscles so big they couldn’t put down their arms, and the employees working the desk who were just there to smile and check you in. I’d done this dance before and I realized I didn’t want to do it again.
    I asked a friend of mine who goes to Cross Fit how hard it really was, if she thought I could do it. She was honest and told me it was tough, she was sore, and she loved it. However the next part of her answer surprised me – she absolutely thought I could do it. She thought I was stronger physically than I thought I was and she believed that I would give it my best shot and if I failed, I would try another day. I was touched and decided to prove her words true.
    That was over a month ago and I am not sorry I tried. I never knew I was doing squats wrong. I never thought I could do a regular push up (and I still can’t but I’m working towards it). I never thought I’d dead lift 155 lbs. But I did, I have, and I challenge myself by looking at what I CAN do and what I want to do next. I never thought I could have fun doing this kind of exercise but I am. I didn’t think the people who run Cross Fit Cape Cod and the people who go would accept me, but they have and they’ve all been wonderfully supportive. A few weeks ago when I didn’t think I could finish that last round I heard from behind me, “you can do this.” I hear the regulars encouraging me to do the best I can. And I know I can do this. It not only makes a difference in my life but my family’s.

  2. Amy K

    I didn’t know anything about CrossFit before I joined C3. I chose it because it is close to where I live and because I feel like a hamster when I run on a treadmill at the big box gyms. I joined because my doctor told me that I was basically healthy, but that I should try to lose some weight to achieve optimum health.

    Anyhow, I only wish that I had found out about CrossFit earlier in my life, because I love it. I get wicked excited every night to check out tomorrow’s WOD. I love everyone in my regular class, the 6:30, and every time a new person comes in the door they are just as cool and nice as the last. The motivation that the other athletes provide during the workouts are amazing, and it makes me feel like I am part of a team again. I thought the days of doing pushups and pull ups were long in my past, but everyday at C3, I surprise myself. All out!

  3. you should not be intimidated by crossfit – though i, like most, was – at first. when i started crossfit, i was training for a marathon. i was in perfect chubby, jog-slow-for-miles-shape. still a little chubby, but now i can jog for miles, do pushups/pullups and then sprint afterwards – which is much cooler.

    any intimidation, i think, goes out the window when you see how everyone’s going through the same workout (pain) that you are. it’s also helpful that after a few workouts you’re pretty much on a first name basis with everyone at the gym.

    then there’s the trainers – the four trainers are great. one’s really knowledgeable, one is very philosophocal, one is incredible at leading by example, and one is smoking hot. i’ll let them sort out which descriptors belong to who…

  4. hey guys,

    this is mac, posting from bushy’s profile. here’s my story:

    at first i was anxious to start crossfit. i was starting a relationship with my now fiance, leah. i was worried that all the ladies would be into me and it would cause problems between the two of us in the early stages of the relationship. thankfully, the girls of c3 were able to be mature about the fact that i’m wicked handsome and they respected our blossoming relationship.

    i was also nervous that the guys would be jealous of how strong i was. i figured that right away i would be out-pressing and dead-lifting a bunch of dudes who had been doing crossfit for a lot longer than me, and, out of respect for them, i didn’t want any animosity from the outset. but, who knew – these guys were pretty ok with me being wicked strong.

    laslty, i felt uneasy about the fact that i would imediately be rx’ing all the workouts – including murph and king kong, and posting a sub-2 minute fran. i felt bad for the white board and the dry-erase markers. like they would be saying, “who does this new guy think he is – just grabbing us up and writing all these crazy-fast times and insane PR’s like he’s going to the games or something.”

    but, things have worked out for me. so, tell your friends to come to c3. it’s totally cool.


  5. I like the enthusiasm that Mark and Sarah create. After years of silly inactivity with raising children I find the environment refreshing and the people friendly. It’s nice that many members are family oriented and just want to get stronger again.

    No intimidation at all. Nice community. In fact I think Mark might be warming up to giving long shoulder massage in the near future 🙂