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5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 65-70% 1 Rep Max*
10 Burpees
200 Meter Sandbag Run
Rest 90 seconds Between Rounds

*So if you deadlift 400lbs you will use between 260-280. If you Deadlift 200lbs you will use between 130-150. Challenge yourself to 2 things, 1.Keep Good Form 2.Go Heavy.
Please use metal plates, and rubber plates so there’s enough for all of you strong people.

You will notice some BIG changes at the gym! We have been very hard at work to make C3 as great as possible for every one of our members.   Everything has a designated place-be sure you return it there after you use it.

Tuesday at 3:30 8-12yr old
Thursday at 3:30 5-7 Year old
Saturday at 12:00 All Ages
To register your children Call Sarah at 508-332-0058

Please note that kids are welcome at C3, however for the sake of safety and so that classes are not interrupted, children are to remain in the designated kids area. This is the only place we can allow them. They are not allowed to play on or use any equipment. Please tend to your own children so that the Coaches can focus on classes. Feel free to bring in anything that will occupy your children. (Please no balls-they inevitably end up under foot of the athletes during WODs and that is unsafe.) I think it is a complement to us and our facility that they think the place is a big fun place to play and that there is all sorts of fun stuff to play with. However, as hard as it may be for them, that is limited to Kids Classes only. Thanks for understanding and cooperating so that things can run safely and smoothly.


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