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  1. Benchmark 3 and Team Challenge 1 Are On The Team Board At CrossFit Cape Cod!

    Benchmark 3: 2 Minutes Max Burpees, Ideally you will have a person from another team count for you.
    Team Challenge 1: Get 1,000 Burpees as a team.

    Both can only be counted if they are done at CrossFit Cape Cod. The Teams Have Until 2:00pm Saturday to finish, the first team to 1,000 gets 40 points all other teams get 20 points. If your team doesn’t finish you get 0 points.

    Team Captains-Please Submit Team Names By Tomorrow-Let the games begin!

  2. Anonymous

    Can I eat Stevia? Raw honey in my tea? Don’t worry I haven’t. I did go to Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s today and stocked up on Paleo.

  3. Ok, so all you coffee junkies out there, I was at Trader Joe’s earlier today, and it looks like they have unsweetened almond milk, with 0 grams of sugar, and nothing added to make it nonpaleo. Also, if you’re tea drinkers, Teavana at Hyannis mall is having a huge sale. A lot of great tea and tea making equipment is 75% off, a good time to stock up if it’s your thing. PS, Team Sweevil rocks!

  4. Made “Egg cupcakes” tonight – if they’re any good, I’ll post the recipe tomorrow. Hoping they’ll be good for on the go mornings when I choose sleep over cooking breakfast. I have to agree with Marianna – Team Sweevil rocks!!!!

  5. Sweevil was a little too evil today:) nice job.
    If you aren’t at trader joes Blue Diamond makes an almond milk that’s Paleo approved as well, I think it’s at stop and shop.

  6. Anonymous

    Nicole S said…

    Way to go Sweevil! Great job! I’m stuck at work so I will put my best burpee numbers up tomorrow. This team concept is a great idea….let the games begin!!!