Doctor Tells How She Cured Her MS With Paleo-Must Watch!



Deadlift Work Up To Your 5 Rep Max

Followed By:


Double Unders
Sit Ups

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  1. Anonymous

    I loved this video! Found it educational and truly inspirational! As day 3 closes we’re sticking to it, although Zoe’s called the police to check in on us! lol! JK! We rearranged the kitchen today to be more cooking friendly!! Found pots and pans I never knew I had!! thanks for posting the recipes, please keep them up they’re great!! Keep up the great work everyone! :)Jen Ben

  2. Thank you for this video!! I am so excited..and now I have a new goal..3 dinner plates daily: leafy greens; sulfates; bright colors…yay! so exicted!