Overhead Squats


AMRAP 12 Minutes

10 Toes To Bar

20 Wall Ball 20/14


OTM X 15 Minutes

2 Hang Snatches

Please not that we are having a normal schedule Monday-Wednesday we will be CLOSED  THURSDAY and we are only having 8:30, 9:30 am and 5:30pm on Friday. Sat and Sun normal schedule.

19 Responses

  1. Erin Meagher

    YAy!! Wod is up! I am a creature of habit that is for sure!
    Ohs -125
    Wod- 4 round plus 15- trying to get over an annoying chest cold- so hard to breathe!! Rx

  2. Chris Massi

    5 rounds plus 25 Rx. Struggled on the WB today as I no reped myself a few times, and caught the ball a few times weird. Part A subbed FS tied PR at 245#

  3. pauls

    160 # FS
    AMRAP: 5+10+7 (12#)
    Nice to have the blog back. It’s really an important aspect of the community as you don’t often see other members who go to other classes.

  4. 105# OH squat, 15# PR (yay!), 3 rounds plus a few reps, toes in the air somewhere near the bar and 10# wall ball, then 2 light snatches EMOM for 15 mins.

  5. Mark Lee

    Awesome day at C3 Congrats to all on the PR’s!!! To everyone who’s just getting started hang in there those overhead squats are frustrating but they will come with time!

  6. Mase

    Great to be back at it!
    85# ohs
    5 rnds w12# ball/ 10′ and leg raises. Not quite ready for those t2b.
    Worked on hang snatch up to 50#.
    Great pr tonight Allan and Mont!!

  7. Allan

    A. o.h.s. worked up to 265# p.r.!! 10# p.r.
    B. 7 rounds even. traded 30# off with Jamin. every other.
    C. worked up to 195# on last round. kept on adding weight got to hang power snatch of #220!!! P.R. Not the prettiest snatch ever, feet were wide but got it up…This made my month!!!!