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Workout for Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March 20, 2012

One of the most complicated lifts that occurs in the weightlifting world is the snatch. When done correctly, its amazing to watch the bar float in front of your face. When done incorrectly, its brutally hard and frustrating. Like all technical lifts, the only way to get good is to receive some coaching, and then log time on the bar. The workout on Wednesday will allow both to take place. It is a variation of the Crossfit Open wod 12.2. The modification is to reduce the weight, to allow the focus on form. While it was the desire of all who are participating in the games to just plain get the bar above the head, most of us were showing some really ugly reps. The standard tomorrow: if you cant land the rep below the bar with the arms straight, its a no-rep. No “bar six inches above the head finishing with a press” type of movement. Get the butt down, arms straight in the catch. And finally: enjoy it. Its a hard movement. No one has ever gotten the movement in one day. Most who work on this for a lifetime will not be satisfied with it.

Find your 1 rep max snatch. 

Follow by: 12 minutes, climb as high as you can
Women, snatch 45 lbs 20 reps, 55 20 reps, 65 20 reps, 75 as far as you can
Men, snatch 75 20 reps, 95 20 reps, 115 20 reps, 135 as far as you can 

If you want to see some nice tips, go to the crossfit main site for the wod dated 3-20-12, and watch the video entitled “jumping position, landing position”.

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