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Without Weakness-Because We Do What Works

October 15, 2008

Everyone did an amazing job with the “Double Trouble” WOD today. I thought it fitting for our, “turn a weakness into a strength,” theme this week. Also welcome to Melanie our newest member who literally jumped right into crossfit this morning with us at 6am.
You are all quickly discovering that CrossFit will expose and eliminate areas you were at one time deficient in. We aren’t likely to see someone who follows our programming have some of the weaknesses that you are sure to see at the average “health” club. You know, the over developed pecs and biceps coupled with a weak back and chicken legs. This is because movements like the squat and dead lift, essential parts of building real fitness, are completely ignored in the average gym goers programming.
This is not and will never be the case here at CrossFit Cape Cod. We don’t make body composition our primary concern- we don’t have to, it takes care of itself when our focus is better performance and sustained power output. When you become stronger, faster, increase, endurance, perform movements that require power, accuracy, balance, agility, flexibility, coordination and all the components of fitness- your ‘body composition’ reflects that. On the other hand, as we probably all know- when your “fitness” is driven by a number on the scale or guilt, or fear that you will be fat or unattractive, it just wont work! We do what works!


“Run, Fat Boy, Run!”

21-Dead Lift (185/135)
800m Run
15-Dead Lift
400m Run
9-Dead Lift
200m Sprint

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    I am going to LLALALAOVE this!!

    See you at 5 (or 4 since it’s not dangerous?)

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