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December 04, 2013
Everyone has those days when they just don’t feel like working out. How do you get yourself into the door anyways? Do you feel better, worse or the same afterward? Tell us in the comments.

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Focus Work

A. Muscle Ups, Weighted Pull Ups, Chest To Bar Pull Ups, Pull Ups, Ring Rows

B. Front Squat, Over Head Squat, Squat Clean, Snatch Balance, Thrusters, Pistols, Wall Balls, Squat Therapy

C. Hand Stand Push Up, Strict Press, Push Press, Push Jerk, Ring Dips, Push Ups, Hand Stand Hold, Hand Stand Walks

D. Double Unders, Toes To Bar, Knees To Elbows, L-Hold, Box Jumps

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  1. Raider Rose Reply

    I just go. I have a hard time staying away from Crossfit anyway, and I always feel better afterwards.

  2. jonathan miles Reply

    Looking great ann.

    I think the harder time I have coming in for the workout, the better I feel after. Not sure if the joy of the wod catches me by surprise, or if I just needed the endorphins.

  3. jonathan miles Reply

    P.S. I wrote that at a pub in Scotland.

  4. Paul S Reply

    I never have trouble coming to CrossFit, I actually have the opposite problem. I need to force myself to take a rest day or 2 during the week to get the soreness out. I usually do this on weekends. The reason this is a problem is that I feel terrible on rest days. I have no energy, fatigue very easily, and in general feel a wreck by Sunday night. Coming here on Monday straightens it right out. If anyone has some thoughts on why this happens, I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. Ann Reply

    Thanks Jonathan

  6. Christopher Tufts Reply

    Yea… so appearently when I read this at 10 pm last night “setting an alarm” was not something that immediately came to mind or I would have been at the 6 o’clock class…

    guess it will be Thursday Friday Saturday this week! haha.

    but as for me currently, I definitely don’t have any trouble getting up to go in the morning. The workouts are always interesting, different and challenging so getting motivated to wake up form them isn’t to hard.

  7. Kelly Cook Reply

    I also find that I don’t have trouble going to CrossFit. I look forward to going every day, and I am like Paul in that I have trouble taking rest days. I feel like I am missing out on something. Before CrossFit, I absolutely never felt this way about working out.

  8. Raider Rose Reply

    Got a bunch of pullups with green/red instead of green/blue today! Super excited

  9. mason Reply

    Love focus work!!

  10. OldNatickRookie Reply

    Went to CFNE tonight.

    1RM Squat Clean

    155# 30# PR Holy Sh*t

    Every 30 sec 3 Squat Clean for 7min


    I’ve been finding myself jonesing for a WOD

  11. sarah lee Reply

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. sarah lee Reply

    I stick to a schedule and show up no matter what unless I’m sick or needing extra rest. I used to feel frustrated when I missed anything but I know the movements will come up again.

  13. sarah lee Reply

    Nice job Tom! That’s a huge PR!

    I did squat mobility, strict pull-ups, strict presses, and planks. Fun class!

  14. Bushy Reply

    Im in agreement with Mr. Miles in his observation of Ann.

  15. KristinP Reply

    Looking great Ann!!! Even four years later, I rarely don’t want to go to c3. But on the rare occasion it does occur, I ask myself why? If it’s because I’m just tired, I listen to my body and rest. These are the days I know l’ll feel worse by pushing it! If t’s cuz I’m in bad mental space, I make myself go…and I ALWAYS feel better.

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