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Wednesday WOD and Thursday Schedule

November 27, 2013
Infamous GFF Moment

What made you Try CrossFit? Were you intimidated? Nervous? Excited? Tell us in the comments!

CrossFit Cape Cod 

Workout Of The Day

Ring Push Ups

Followed By

Push Ups
Kettlebell Swings 1.5/1

1 Class at 8am Only Followed By Moving Equipment If You Are Able To Drive A Load To The New Facility:) 

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  1. Raider Rose Reply

    I wanted to try Crossfit because it looked similar to biggest loser type workouts. I was PETRIFIED. normally in a “regular” gym over weight people get snickered at and ridiculed (which makes NO sense at all), so I was scared it would be the same way. However, I quickly learned that wasn’t the case at all and everyone Is incredibly supportive and encouraging! It’s definitely a little family. <3

  2. OldNatickRookie Reply

    “All your friends are doing it” is why, I was very intimidated. I saw people doing things I only dreamed of doing. And As the picture shows, I have accomplished thongs I never thought I could.

    • OldNatickRookie Reply

      Things not thongs, god that’s funny.

    • sarah lee Reply

      Haha! That’s why your wife hasn’t joined!

    • Sarah Sprague Reply

      Yes…yes it was extremely funny!!!

  3. Raider Rose Reply

    HAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA quite an accomplishment

  4. Paul S Reply

    10:17, 1Pd KB
    I tried CrossFit because it promised among other things dramatic, not just improved athletic performance and functional ability. It has been all that and much more for me. I was slightly nervous on my first visit over just to look around. However, after spending about 30 seconds talking to Mark, I knew I had come to the right place.

  5. Kelly Cook Reply

    12:36, started at 18, and did an assortment of attempts at push ups. Used 1 pood. I started CrossFit because I was sick of feeling left out of conversations between Bushy, Traci and Mason, haha. That reason is only partially true. I had seen how successful all of my friends were with it and even though I was intimidated, I knew they would all be a great support system for me, and it was just time for me to make some serious changes for my health. So glad I did.

  6. Christopher Tufts Reply

    I got dragged in by Haley! I have to admit though seeing everything in the crossfit games and the level of competition people can take this sport to I was very excited to try. I have certainly done things already that I saw on tv and YouTube that I have thought “yea maybe I can do that in my dreams”! It has been a very welcoming and excellent experience so far with the tight knit atmosphere that has developed at crossfit capecod and I look forward to coming back as long as I am able!

  7. Raider Rose Reply

    9:56 1 pood, although I feel like I must’ve missed a round or something….

  8. KristinP Reply

    14:53 RX, and I tried to have perfect form on every one of those darned push ups!

    I tried CrossFit because a friend of mine told me I should check it out. I don’t remember being scared at first… the fear came later:) the gym was so small at that point I got personally trained by both Sarah and Nicole (usually at the same time) for months…and it was awesome:)

    • sarah lee Reply

      I clearly remember the first day we talked. You had zero fear and told me you came from a family of athletes.

    • KristinP Reply

      Haha! Did I happen to mention I wasn’t one of them 😉

  9. sarah lee Reply

    But you are!

  10. KristinP Reply

    Oh yes! I am now, thanks to C3!

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