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Wednesday W1/W1

April 10, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
1 Rep Max Hang Power Clean
Followed By
‘Husband Killer’
10 Minutes 
Max Reps Hang Power Clean 135/95
Every Time You Put The Bar Down Do 10 Pull Ups
Score Number Of Hang Power Cleans
Finish With
3 Rounds Of 12 Reps Not For Time Bent Over Row
 Band Pull Aparts
Rest As Needed
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  1. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Yesterday you said we would have the challenge results today….not that I’m impatient or anything 🙂

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    So sorry- I lost it in the shuffle- tomorrow I promise

  3. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    I remember the first Husband Killer. It was at the first box and you guys were open about 3 months. Sarah and Nicole G had just gotten back from getting certified and made up this really FUN wod for Tim and Mark. They went head to head while we all watched and cheered (I don’t think most of us could do a pull up, or a decent clean at that point!). It’s a great memory! Mark didn’t you guys get in the late 80s for reps? I bet you can do a few more now 🙂

    • Mark Lee Reply

      That’s a good memory, Liz! Except for the score, I probably got like 2.

      By the way had a sandwich from Pizza guys today on whitelion bread-Amazing!

  4. Ivy Reply

    61 reps.

    Mark you are the nicest man i’ve ever met!

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    130 for hang clean.
    42 reps RX- fun but tough!

  6. Sarah Sprague Reply

    This does look fun, wish my shoulders weren’t smoked! Happy wod-ing everyone.

  7. sarah lee Reply

    Clean- 125#

    44 reps RX.

    Fun wod- looking forward to a rest day tomorrow!

  8. Annmarie Reply

    Clean – 95#

    WOD – 65# 41 reps

    That was fun this morning thanks for the AC/DC Mark!

  9. Faron Reply

    Hang Clean 125#
    WOD 62 reps @ 75#.

  10. Paul S Reply

    120 Hang Clean
    57 reps @ 65#

  11. Nettie Reply

    100 hang clean PR 🙂
    34 reps with 75#

  12. David Wonder Reply

    Good workout, I was beat… 175# 35RX. Good job to the 4 people in the 5:30 class.

  13. Jennifer Grace Reply

    125 (10 pound PR), 37 reps at 85 pounds

  14. Kelly Cook Reply

    125# PR, 43 reps @85#.

  15. Domenic DeGregorio Reply

    225-71 rx. I haven’t written anything in my notebook in the past two months. Oops

  16. Amy Kbaum Reply

    140# hang power clean pr
    47 rx thought I could do more. This was tough.

    Great work everyone!

  17. AB Reply

    1) 185# hang power clean max

    2) RX WOD – 46 reps. Had trouble keeping grip on the bar.

    Bent over rows with 135# and 95# when fatigued.

    – Adam

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