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Wednesday 6/25/14

June 25, 2014
Snatch x 2 On The Minute For 10 Minutes

Clean x 2 On The Minute For 10 Minutes
Double Under Flight Test
For Time
All Sets Unbroken

N0t For Time
3 Rounds
25 Back Ext
25 GHD Sit Ups
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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    A. 135-165
    B. 185-225
    C. 8:01 Messed up on 50-40-30 I would like to cut that time in half before the open.
    D. Done

  2. Joshua Rice Reply

    A.95-135 squat
    B. 135-165 squat
    C. Didn’t complete 50. 10-20-30-40-30-20-10. 40/row is a PR.
    D. Complete

    Alan and Mase, thanks for making the pain enjoyable tonight.

  3. mason Reply

    A. stayed at 55# to get under the bar and continue to work on the form. Wasn’t feel so strong on those today.
    B. 75-105 squat cleans. These felt pretty good, really focused on keeping my arms straight and getting fast under the bar.
    C. Nightmare 14:32. Went unbroken 10-40 then hit 50 and fell apart. I hit 46, three times so I rested longer and got the 50 and then unbroken on the rest.
    D. Complete
    I have to say I was very proud, that tonight I was able to fling sweat while on the GHD. lol a pr for me.
    Josh great job on sticking with it and getting to 40. Next time you’ll nail it.
    Allan great work on the du’s.

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Solid work guys!

  5. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 95-145
    B. 185-235
    c. 7:13 so pumped about these!!
    D. done. almost all unbroken except 2nd set of back extensions
    E. tequila Done!!

  6. Allan Fleck Reply

    Josh your an animal!! Mason the sweat flinging was the best part!!

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