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Wednesday 6/18/14

June 18, 2014

Bench Press
3 x 70%
3 x 80%
Max Reps @ 90%

AMRAP 10 Minutes
10 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
10 Plate Push Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5

Deficit HSPU Negatives
5 Reps x 7 Sets
3 Count To The Bottom
Maintain The Hollow Body Position
Squeeze The Glutes and Keep The Feet Together

3 x 30
Tricep Press Downs
Band Pull Aparts

Thursday is a rest/recovery day

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  1. Allan Fleck Reply

    Mark sure you’ll go over this but these plate or defisit push ups 45# plates either side. What are you thinking? I struggle with these and after maxing out I’m going to need a good old boob rub down!!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Use 2 45’s and an ab mat in the middle. Put your feet on a 45lb plate also. Touch your chest to the ab mat for the depth.

    E. Chesticle Smash

  3. Allan Fleck Reply

    I like it!! Thanks Mark!
    Juddie, like you don’t wake up in the middle of the night and obsessing about what Mark is programming, That’s just Weird you don’t!!

    • mason Reply

      I AGREE, that is weird…live it, breathe it, taste it=CROSSFIT

  4. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 215# x 8
    B. 6 + 5 rx bar and kettle bell got to wet to keep on rolling had to wipe it down after round three.
    C. Done. feeling strong but my shoulder are getting smoked.
    D. Done.
    great big classes and nice to see other people getting into it with us. chest doesn’t feel that bad?? well see on friday. Mason how did it go Didn’t get a chance to ask you before I left but you were making that 1.5 your bitch!!
    Enjoy rest day!!

  5. mason Reply

    Bench was rough today even on the floor. Only did 5 at 75#, shoulder was feeling it.
    3rnds +2 rx those pushups were tough.
    HSPU’s done, felt a little stronger than Saturday. I had better positioning with my hands on shoulders.
    Band work done used red for both.
    Allan, your comment is hilarious. I actually like swinging that heavy bell!!
    Rest day will be bouldering a bit and 1 hour mobility tomorrow.
    GO BEACH HOUSE!!!!!!!!

  6. sarah lee Reply

    90x 6. Last week I did 85x 5.

    4 plus 2. 45 pound Kettlebell, regular pull-ups and plate push-ups.

    Did a bunch of handstands and did the rest during the 5:30 class but had trouble counting.

  7. Christopher Judkins Reply

    A) 185×9
    B) 4+8
    C) check. These are feeling really good.
    D) check.

  8. Mark Lee Reply

    A. 210 X 8
    B. 6 Rounds Even
    C. Was Only Able To Get In 6 Rounds But It Felt Much Better Than Week 1
    D. Tricked The 6:30 Class Into Doing Them With Me Post WOD Blue/Red

  9. Terry obrien Reply

    A. 105x 6
    B. 4 rrnds plus 16 (did pull ups, C2B really rip my hands
    really like those plate push ups
    C. done
    D. Done

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