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Wednesday 6/11/14

June 11, 2014
C3 Advanced Training

Base The Following Off Of 100% Of Your 3 Rep Max Or 90% Of Your 1 Rep Max

A. Front Squats 
5 x 65%
5 x 75%
Max Reps @ 85%

B. AMRAP 12 Minutes
15 Box Jumps 24″
12 Wall Ball 30/16 10′
9 Burpees To 6″ Above Your Reach

OTM 7 Minutes
C. 3 Position Squat Clean Stay With A Medium Weight That You Move Fast And Solid With. Approx 65% Of Your 1RM Clean Complex. We Will Go Up In The Coming Weeks, But For Now Dial It In.

D. 3×20 GHD Sit Ups

Thursday Is A Rest Day

Friday We Bench Press And Saturday We Snatch
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  1. Allan Fleck Reply

    I think there was a typo it says 30# wall ball???

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    I know, it dawned on me that we need some 25lb balls. At least when the 20 comes up in a comp we will feel like we are doing air squats!

  3. mason Reply

    4rnds +6
    Ghd done
    45# on squat clean for form and speed.
    So excited for rest day!!!!

  4. mason Reply

    NIce job Mark and Allan on throwing that 30# wall ball around.. Awesome!!

  5. Allan Fleck Reply

    230# x8
    Metcon 5 +17 RX 30# wallball is heavy!! Would of never used it if u didn’t make me!!
    Cleans done 95# felt good and was really trying to land in the squat. Need more of this!!!
    GHD sit ups done ..good times.

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    a.210# Based off of 275 max 11 Reps
    b. 4 Rounds Plus 18 Reps. 30lb ball is awesome.
    c.Climbed to 135 for the complex felt good. we are going to really focus on oly lifts all year!
    d. GHD-check!
    You guys are killing it, I am really excited to see how far we can take it this year!

    Enjoy the rest day! I will post something tomorrow on rest and recovery days.

  7. Christopher Judkins Reply

    Yeah Mark, you were making that 30# ball look light. I hope it felt that way lol

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