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September 05, 2012

Two Things are happening this Saturday:

1. Bring a Friend Day at 12:30.

2. Twin Acres Ice Cream is donating 100% of the proceeds to LUV4LEXI from all Ice Cream sold between 11am-4pm. Imagine that, the first time your coaches will yell at you if you don’t eat ice cream!? So skip the sweets this week and join us for ice cream Saturday!

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That was fun yesterday-a baby was announced, people were encouraged, small worlds were linked together, and I got some good data! Please make this a habit!

Brendan! Photo By Jessica Greenan

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

3 Rep Max Weighted Ring Push Ups: Set The Rings Just Off The Floor, Use Sandbags Where Possible.

Followed By

8 Rounds For Time
8 Wall Balls
8 Burpee Box Jumps 20″ Male and Female


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  1. sarah lee Reply

    You won’t be yelled at If you don’t eat the ice cream… You will be yelled at if you don’t BUY the Ice Cream!!!

    Actually 3 things are happening this week! We are restarting the teens program tomorrow! Monday and Wednesdays at 3:30! Bring your teen to try it for free!

  2. mcgrail Reply

    Ankles…who knew? Damn you Kstar….i mean thank you…one more thing I need to work on.

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    Good 6am class! They told me that they were the best class and commented on the blog more than any class-are they right?!

  4. Andy M. Reply

    Yes, they are right! 14:15 today. Felt good.

  5. David Churbuck Reply

    14:40. Greg and Mike were on either side of me, setting a get-it-done pace. BurpeeBJs first thing in the morning and nothing life throws at you the rest of the day compares. 1.5 pood KB on the ring push-ups.

  6. SarahSprague Reply

    15:50, 14#. Guess I got a little carried away on burpee box jumps and went over the box for them. Oh well. Always a great way to start the day being at Crossfit!

  7. Greg B. Reply

    A) 144# on ring push ups
    B) 13:05 RX

  8. Lindsay S Reply

    Rx 12:31

    The workout was awesome! I love the 930 class, can’t wait for tomorrow.

  9. Anonymous Reply

    That’s funny Mark! Let’s have a 100 burpee challenge and see what class stays with it till the end. It’s simple every day add a burpee on the hundredth day you do 100 burpees. I’m calling all classes out on this one!!!!!!Kurt M

  10. Michael Reply

    1414:24 RX. oh KURT I think in 100 days you will be back on the best crew anyways. Ill take that bet your gunna regret i’m the best there’s ever been. (I said in my best Charlie Daniels)

    BURPEE UP!!!!!

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    Oh Boy-Its On! I’ll Do your burpee challenge as Long as the burpees we do in WODs count and we don’t do burpees on rest days-just pick up where we left off. So there will be 2 days a week where we don’t have to do any burpees-sound fair?! (Of course if we miss a day on say, day 70, then on day 71 we would have to do 141! I’d break that up throughout the day!)

    WOD 10:09 Chasing Amy KB-thanks for the motivation Amy! We did up and over box jumps-hurt but it was fun!

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Sounds great! I was thinking if you miss you would be out but I like the way yours sounds too! Just let us know when we begin this challenge! I’ll be ready. Kurt

  13. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Love me, hate me, say what you want about me…..WOD 10:18 RX Thanks, Mark for the motivation and instruction today. Need to push a little harder to beat Amanda’s awesome time. Nice job, Amanda!

  14. jonathan miles Reply

    Benched 215 for 3, rx part b:9:57. Went over the box on the burpees

  15. Anonymous Reply

    10:52 trying to keep up with our version of the nasty girls! Amanda and Amy Kb those are some great times! Kurt M

  16. Brendan G Reply

    5 weeks into my Crossfit career now and feeling good to be hitting Rx most of the time…12:28rx on the WOD and 73 lbs 3RM on the ring push ups. I like hitting the 330 b/c I can count on Kurt to push the pace!!!

  17. Amy Sch Reply

    15:25 Rx 🙂 Moved from 10 wall ball to 14 today. No turning back 🙂 🙂 Thanks Sarah! Thanks Lisa for putting the 30lb wall ball on my back and telling me it was the 20lb 🙂

  18. Anonymous Reply

    Your a crossfit star in the making! 5 weeks and posting those kinds of times! Lookout everyone. KurtM

  19. mcgrail Reply

    Bench vs ring pushups 245 # x 3
    Burpee over box and WB 10:26

    Amy Sch: it was a pleasure to see your “eliteness” in action today… Well done!

    Jon, thanks for the push!

    Greg B… You were crushing the bar mu’s and mu’s today…inspirational!

  20. sarah lee Reply

    13:07 RX- 10 foot target for Wallballs

  21. Erin Meagher Reply

    13;44- RX- ! Nice job everyone!

  22. mason Reply

    12:31 RX at 10 ft wall
    Thanks Sarah for pushing me on that last set of wall balls. Mike and Greg thanks for your encouragement on those bench presses.

  23. erica Reply

    17:06 Rx I was so excited I could do this Rx’d I didn’t care how long it took! Like Amy, I also moved on to a 14lb wall ball today 🙂

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