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September 19, 2012


CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1.Work Up To A 10 Rep Max Weighted Ring Push Up-Set The Rings  Just High Enough So You Can Work Off The Ground

2. On The Minute For 16 Minutes
A. On Odd Minutes Do 3-6 Handstand Push Ups
B. On Even Minutes 3-8 Chest To Bar Pull Ups
Do Strict or Kipping Depending On What You Need To Work More.

In Case You Missed It All Of Our Programming For 8 Weeks Is From CrossFit New England-Big Thanks To Ben Bergeron!

Burpee Challenge-Day 14!

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  1. jonathan miles Reply

    I think Betty is the most incredible crossfitter I have met. She only is getting stonger than she ever expected. When we have the next paleo contest, we need to change the award from “most inspirational” to “I bet you aren’t working as hard as Betty, but nice try chump”, or some variation. If someone can come up with a better title, post it here. I’m curious

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I couldn’t agree more! The award should simply be called ” The Betty” because everyone knows what she is about. Hard work, dedication, strength, and perseverance. Betty inspires us all everyday without even knowing it. Kurt M

    Good luck in the master invitational too Betty!

  3. Anonymous Reply

    Burpee challenge day 14 completed
    Maxed out weight pushups!
    48 HSPU’S 1 abmat
    64 CTBPU’S
    Bullet Proof Shoulders.
    Kurt M

  4. mcgrail Reply

    Burpee 14 done…

    I second the nomination for the award for most inspirational to be call “The Betty”

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    Betty is the best!
    Day 14 Check!
    Keep up with your mobility everyone! Just a minute per side on the lacrosse ball cures what ails ya!

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Oh stop!! You guys are the best!I only inspire because I keep trying, I still can’t do much after 2+years and people see me and say damn I can’t believe she is still trying!!

  7. Amy Sch Reply

    30# on part 1, Did pushups from ground in part 2 but practiced lifting hands off ground. 5 each, strict pulls with blue 3-5 each min. So good to wod today!
    Burpees in the warmup for day

    Betty you are an inspiration!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Burpees done! Did push ups off the box for part one, for part two I did presses with 20# in each hand-6 each min, then did pu using red and green band-8 each min. So much fun! -Sabra

  9. Nettie Reply

    Couldn’t make it in today but 14 burpees done. “The Betty” is perfect!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    My sister is Betty and she is truly inspirationally wonderful and I love her. Yea, for the “Betty”.

  11. Estelle Reply

    I think “THE BETTY” is perfect. Your awesome and you go girl!!!!

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