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September 26, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Work Up To An 8 Rep Max Push Press

Followed By

3 Minute AMRAP
6 Kettlebell Thrusters 70/50
2 Rope Climbs*

Rest 5:00

3 Minute AMRAP 
6 Kettlebell Thrusters 70/50
2 Rope Climbs*

(*Sub For Rope Climbs Is 12 Strict Knees To Elbows)

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Burpee Challenge Day 20!

  2. Anonymous Reply

    gonna try this workout at work tonight using dumbells. would it be 35lbs for each side?
    Erik M

    • Mark Lee Reply

      Erik The Rxd weight is that you would have 70 lbs in each hand. That said no body has gone Rxd yet today- so use a weight that you can do unbroken, 2 rounds in 3 minutes is a lot! Have fun!

  3. mcgrail Reply

    Good thing I did not have to drag a grizzly bear back to the cave this morning…not particularly “feeling it” today…but as they say Constantly Varied (6AM WOD vs late afternoon)

    Ended up doing strict press 3 x 8 115#

    AMRAP rope climb KB Thruster WOD
    2 rounds first time through
    1 full round and 6 KB’s in 2nd AMRAP (used 1.5 Pood vs 2)

    Grip was smoked!

    Good stuff though!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    165 lbs push press
    5 Rnds completed used 1.5 pood for kettle bell thrusters!
    Burpees done!
    I love Crossfit !!!

  5. SarahSprague Reply

    65# push press x 8
    4 rounds total: 15# kettlebell thrusters, knees to elbows.
    Thanks for not letting me whimp out on the presses Sarah! It’s always awesome to have you and Mark working out with us. Great examples!

  6. David Churbuck Reply

    145# push press
    35# KB’ 3 rope climbs, 1 k2e x 2

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Everyone was AMAZING today!!!
    20 Burpees- check!
    Push Press worked up to 185 but couldn’t get the 8th one, next time!
    Was humbled by the 2 pood kb thrusters! 1 round plus 6 thrusters and again 1 round plus 6 thrusters. Intense!

  8. sarah lee Reply

    My goal was 3 sets of 8. Did 75×8, 85×8, 95×4, 90×7.

    26 pound kb. 2 rounds plus 3 thrusters, 2 rounds. That rope got hard!!!

  9. sarah lee Reply

    Thanks Sarahspraque, we love working out with the class. You guys push us to work harder!

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