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October 03, 2012
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

AMRAP 5 Minutes
3 Strict Pull Ups
3 Strict Dips

Followed By
4 x 400m Run. Rest 2:00 Between Rounds
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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    Day 26 Burpee Challenge!
    MPL Your Shoes are at C3-you are only 1 of like 4 people I know who owns the new Camo Colored Nanos!

  2. sarah lee Reply

    For any of you following yesterday’s comments Annmarie has lost a lot of weight and had great progress. If you are struggling with nutrition or have questions please talk to mark and I anytime but remember that there are dozens of people at c3 who have been in the same boat as you and have been extremely successful. I’m confident they would love to offer help, support and delicious recipes!

  3. Michael Reply

    Thanks mark ill be back saturday or monday.

  4. WhiteLionBakingCo Miles Reply

    Yes! I am also always here for help with recipes and to share what worked for me (and to show a pic of myself 20 lbs heavier and a size 14).

  5. Andy M. Reply

    A. 6 rounds (3 Rx’d and 3 with purple band for ring dips)
    B. 1:22, 1:25, 1:27, 1:22

  6. mcgrail Reply

    Like my friend the White Lioness, I am here as a Nutrition resource as well…feel free to ask questions…We actually also have a group on FaceBook called Primal Pursuit…we have quite a few resources and like minded folks working on our fueling! Not sure if you can just join the group, but look me up Mike McGrail: friend me and I will invite you…

    As for today’s WOD…
    Did some benching and strict Chest to Bar work…

    then 400m repeats in the drizzle… Held @ 1:27 across 5 400’s on the 3:00 mark…

    Great working out with the 6am class…although I believe the Earth’s gravity is stronger in the morning making the WOD’s that much more difficult 🙂

  7. Michael Reply

    Mike you just have to be a super bad mambojamba to work out in the morning.

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    26 Burpees done!
    5 minute AMRAP 10 Rnds 2 Pull-ups Rx’d
    4x400m 1:18, 1:18, 1:18, 1:20

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Did today and tomorrows burpees with Amelia-she is very motivating:)

    Got 11 rounds +2 pull ups Fastest 400 was 1:15-Slowest was 1:22 thanks to Danny and Peter for Pushing me!

    Doc got 13 rounds!!! (Despite my efforts to distract him)

    Dave S.,Nettie,Little Lungs Keith, Traci-Your Shoes are in! I will bring them in to the 3:30 class Tomorrow.

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    Sorry Traci-false alarm-Amanda-your shoes are in! Traci yours will be here this week!

  11. David Churbuck Reply

    10 rounds, first three were no-band pull ups, blue band dips. Then red on the pu’s.subbed a steady state 5k row for the runs as I’m starting the four month prep for the world indoor rowing championships (CRASH-B Sprints) and need to start racking up some meters.

    Anyone interested in the race, see me for details. I’m training on the “Pete Plan” through November then shifting to something more specific for the 2K distance.


    I’m also four days into a strict paleo challenge to get down to a race weight.

  12. Brendan Reply

    14 rounds rxd …all the 400’s were around 1:30…great workout and bacon talk…thx Sarah

  13. Anonymous Reply

    I forgot to count so I think I did 7 or 8 rounds, both with green bands. 2:00, 1:46, 1:55, 1:50. Getting stronger. I could tell with my pull ups today. Thinking on trying another color band next time…


  14. Mark Lee Reply

    14 Rounds-WOW Nice Brendan!!!

    Exciting Nina! Keep up the awesome work!

  15. Anonymous Reply

    7 rnds w/ red band for dips
    Fastest was 1:33 -slowest was 1:43…I think, can’t remember exactly.


  16. Nettie Reply

    5 rds plus 2 pullups – blue band. 1:40, 1:41, 1:50, 1:56 (I think!)26 burpees done!

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