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November 06, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

4 Rounds Rest 2:00-3:00 Between Rounds

Row 350m
Max Pull Ups
Score Row Time and Number Of Pull Ups

Post WOD
Bullet Proof Shoulders And 3 Other Mobility Drills

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    55 burpees done before class!
    54 pull-ups
    1:02, 1:10, 1:12, 1:10 rows! Gave to much to the row and didn’t have much for my pull-ups. Amy Kb you are a complete crossfitter! Great trying to keep up with you!

  2. Andy M. Reply

    Rx 1:06, 1:09, 1:10, 1:10 with 43 total pull-ups. My calluses were so close to ripping off. Gotta get those shaved down. But I’d like to thank Mark for lending me his gloves for the last round of pull-ups.

  3. sarah lee Reply

    I completely forgot to check my times I was just trying to beat Jen!

  4. erica Reply

    No way for me to row here so I ran for two minutes in the sand for each round. Total of 47 pull ups with a red and a blue band.

  5. jonathan miles Reply

    1:09, 1:07, 1:06, 1:08. Same as Kurt, gave to much on the row, couldnt grip the bar. 42 pull ups.

    Go Erica!

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    I love that you are part of our group Erica! Wish I was in sunny Brazil!

    I gave everything to the pull ups and had nothing on the row for the last 3 rounds.
    1:09, 1:18, 1:20, 1:20 82 Pull Ups

    Any time Andy!

    Finished with BP SHoulders and Some Band Pull Aparts and shoulder mobility with the bands-Thanks for the fun class 4:30!

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Oh and to help My Goal I did 100 Push Ups after the WOD-did HSPUs yesterday, pistols Monday. Rest day tomorrow.

  8. erica Reply

    Thanks Jon and Mark! Staying connected to c3 through the blog is really helping me not get totally off track.

  9. David Churbuck Reply

    Monster erg times — 1:02 by Kurt? 1:06 Andy and Jon ….
    those are 1:28/1:32 500 meter splits. Keep that pace up for 1650 meters and you make the Olympic team!

    I stink at pull ups. Was lucky to rubber band my way to 40. The sprints toasted me. Thanks Mark for the “slap tear” info. I think that is the case.

  10. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Thanks Kurt! You inspire me to work harder! 1:22 1:27 1:30 1:27 & 61 pull-ups rx

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