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January 23, 2013
Zariah, CrossFit Cape Cod

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

Back Squat
10 Rep Max

Followed By Death By 10 Meters

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  1. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Dare I ask what death by 10 meters is?

  2. Annmarie Reply

    You run 10 meters 1 for the first minute, 2 in the second minute, etc until either you drop or you can’t complete the rounds in the 1 minute

  3. Anonymous Reply

    That’s my girl! 🙂

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Zariah has a gift for expressing essential information in a clear and concise style.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    17 rounds 16 runs. Wanted 18 but could quite get there!

  6. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Great job, Kurt! I was trying for at least 18 and only managed to get 17 rounds and 17 runs. Couldn’t quite get there either. Not my best. Should have tried harder.

    165 x 10 for 10 rep max back squat

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    Amy Kb isn’t 17 and 17 considered 18! I think you made it. Great job

  8. Amy Kbaum Reply

    I needed 18 to get the 18. I should just keep my muth shut and take the 18 you gave me. 😉

  9. David Churbuck Reply

    What would be a scale for Death by Ten on the rower? Given that the usual row-to-run ration is 125 meters for every 100 meters of running (500 meter row=400 meter run) — I guess 12 meters of rowing = 10 meters of death running? so 12,24,36,48,60,72,84,86

  10. mcgrail Reply

    █─────█▪ Back Squat 225 x 10 followed by 17 rounds of death by 10…

    Intersting side note according to my Beyond the White Board log …since starting at C3 I have back squatted a combined total of 73,130 pounds…

  11. Sarah Sprague Reply

    85 x 10 back squats, feel like I should’ve pushed myself harder. Dbm-13 rounds. Molly you did great today!

  12. Andy M. Reply

    A. 245# DL’s x10
    B. 19 rounds plus 17

  13. Anonymous Reply

    Chris J

    19 rounds plus 16

  14. Anonymous Reply

    135x 10

    18 death by 10 meters> PR. I was stuck at 17 for a couple years.

    I love Crossfit for the same reason as Zariah.


  15. Jennifer Grace Reply

    A) 110
    B) 13 rounds

  16. Anonymous Reply

    A) 100 x 10
    B) 14 rounds

    Fun workout.


  17. Mark Lee Reply

    @Dave C. Several People Did Calorie Sub and it matched up pretty good…

    McGrail-That is a LOT of Back Squats!

  18. Amy Sch Reply

    Wow, McGrail. That is amazing.
    115lb x 10
    17 PR, on the death by 10. This is up 2 from last year where I was at 15 at the beginning and end of the challenge.
    Glad to be back!

  19. Anonymous Reply

    205 back squat then 19 rounds…. i went to lala land and kept on forgetting what number i was on haha i got my first muscle up after tho so im not as mad about being such a space shot.

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    1) 185#
    2) 18 rounds

    – AB

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