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January 30, 2013
Mrs. America Mallory Hagan-CrossFitter and the answer to the Fromance.
The New York Post interviewed the beauty queen’s boyfriend, banker Charmel Maynard, who said that Hagan got into the workout after deciding to lose a few pounds in between pageants.
“She did not want to be rail-thin,” Maynard said. “She did it the right way: She did a lot of CrossFit, and she just ate a lot better.”
From Huffington Post: Celebrities Who CrossFit

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

As Many Rounds Possible In 20 Minutes

6 Deadlifts 225/155
7 Burpee Pull Ups
10 Kettle Bell Swings 2/1.5
Run 200m

Starting Next Sunday There Will Be A 9am Class.
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  1. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Yay for the added Saturday class!!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    It’s NEXT SUNDAY at 9am

  3. Jennifer Grace Reply

    I was just about to reply to my own post to correct it, Sunday is even better!!

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    RX’D 5 rounds, 6 deadlifts, 7 burpee pull-ups on the high bar, and 150 meters of the run! Fun WOD!

  5. Mark Lee Reply

    I think you got 6+ Kurt! Way to fight it out doing the Burpee Pull Ups To The High Bar!

    On a side note-I was kind of counting on you to stir the pot and make a comment about today’s picture…

  6. mason Reply

    I suppose if we get Froning’s pecs to look at,I mean pics, you guys can have Mrs. America to look at.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Mason, we have you!

  8. Anonymous Reply

    I love Miss America but ill take our Icelandic champion any day! Hello Annie!!!!! Kurt M

  9. Anonymous Reply

    Mason you have an admirer!

    5 plus 6 Deadlifts RX.


  10. Jack Reply

    The 9:30 class rocks!!!! Very inspiring and energetic group. Completed 5 rounds, 195 lbs and did 250m rows instead or run.

  11. Anonymous Reply

    9:30 Class was so much fun! 4 rounds + 6 dl. Used 155 for first round and a half then went down to 135, 100? For last dls. Burpees and Jumping pullups used 35# kb- Sabra

  12. Amy Kbaum Reply

    6 rounds + 6 dl + 4 bpu rx

    Thanks for sharing with me Sarah L. I know that threw things off a bit for you.

    Great 9:30 class!

  13. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    4 rounds 1pull up and 200meter run short of 5-RX!
    Great job 9:30!!!

  14. Erin Meagher Reply

    4 rounds plus dead lifts and pullups.
    Mason. I do believe you have an anonymous blog admirer:)

  15. Mark Lee Reply

    6 rounds plus 1 deadlift, Burpee pull ups to the high bar- Hard workout! Got nauseous during round 2! Great work today everybody!

  16. mcgrail Reply

    5 rounds + Deads + BPU’s and 1 KB swing…Agree with Mark…jumping to that high bar…(I felt like a trapeze artist…would jump without looking and pray I made contact with bar! all without a net!)

  17. mason Reply

    Oh anonymous, you’re so kind and you made my day. Thank you!
    6 rnds 6 dl 35#kb
    Great work today everyone. Another fun wod!

  18. Jennifer Grace Reply

    4 rounds + DL + 1 burpee jumping pull up (135 and 35 pounds)

  19. Amy Sch Reply

    That was a great wod. I scaled the dl’s to 100 and 1 pood on the kb swings. I did do every single burpee pull up with no jumping and no bands. Kipped all 42 of them. That was so great and it felt good!!
    5 rounds plus dl’s and bpu’s

  20. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    RX 6 rounds + 6 DL + 7 Burpee-pullups + 5 KB swings.

    Great WOD.

    – AB

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