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February 06, 2013
2010 Games Wheel Barrow Event

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of the Day

Nutrition Challenge 1.0 WOD 3 Re-Test! 

Part A. 1 Rep Max Clean and Jerk

Part B. Followed By Clean and Jerk Ladder

Part C. Post WOD Accessory Work (Not Part Of Your Nutrition Challenge Score.)

3 Sets Not For Time
Plate Good Mornings x 15-20
One Arm Kettlebell Row x 15 Each Side 

Compare To 1/9/13

Post Your Last Poundages and Scores and Your new Scores To The Comments.  Please Hand In Your Team Results and Individual Info By Friday-We Will Announce The Winners And Give Out Prizes Saturday!

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  1. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Am I correct in thinking we can earn a total of 110 points for the whole challenge if we have not cheated at all and completed AT&T he wod/mob every week?

  2. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Not AT&T. I meant all. Darn autocorrect.

  3. Jennifer Grace Reply

    I missed today and will most likely miss the next two days because of an audit at work….can I make up two of the three bench marks on Friday? Hate when work interferes with crossfit 🙁

  4. Jack Reply

    Amy, I think the point total is higher for max. We had 4 weeks(28 days) plus 2. If you max the weeks, thats 106 and did WOD on those 2 days (4 points each day), then the total max would be 112 points.

    I think my math is right. 🙂

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Math is hard…

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    Power clean and jerk 205lbs
    Clean and Jerk Ladder 9 Rnds 9 reps Rx’d disappointed I didn’t have enough to get to 10! Fun WOD!

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Jennifer-it’s OK just make them up before Saturday. Hopefully we will see you soon!

  8. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Math is hard! I was thinking we did 30 days with max points per day of 3 for 90 total and we could get a max of 5 points per week for wod/mob or 20 points total for wob/mob, making the total 110. Help!

  9. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Jack, your math seems more accurate than mine.

  10. Jack Reply

    Great 9:30 group, as usual. PR’s today A) 155(up 10#) B) 9 rounds +8 95#(up from 7 rounds).

  11. Mark Lee Reply

    112 total points are possible.

  12. Anonymous Reply

    A) 115# today, up from 105#.
    B) 75#, 9 rds + 7 reps, up from 8 rds + 4 reps.


  13. Michael Reply

    Yesterdays blog was better that todays, nobody is thertening anyone with pitchforks today.

  14. Erin Meagher Reply

    Did a modified version of today’s. 70# of a clean and jerk. Kind of strict with no jump . Stupid ankle!! And then push press instead of jerk!

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Zero dark thirty my alarm clock goes off! I drag myself from my warm bed and throw on my gear! Out into the cold snowy chill I go, but I think to myself it will be ok ill be at Crossfit soon. As I sit in the cold barren parking lot I see my fellow dedicated crosfitters anxiously waiting for our gym to open! Then out of the gloomy darkness comes our hero! It’s Mark opening the gym to the delight of all! What a great way to start the day. Kurt M

  16. Mark Lee Reply

    Kurt you have a gift with words.

  17. Carol Gonzalez Reply

    No PR – on one rep max. 95lb. Last – 95lb today – b) last 7 rounds plus 7 – today – 8 rounds plus 7

  18. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Mark, I wish the story included you in a cape. That is how I pictured you coming “out of the gloomy darkness.” Kurt, you do have a way with words. I will look forward to future stories from you!

  19. Mark Lee Reply

    Clean and Jerk Felt a little sloppy so I stopped at 225.
    Ladder made a full 10 rounds I believe that is a 1 round pr!
    I’ll have to go cape shopping in Florida…

  20. Anonymous Reply

    215 clean and jerk got 235 clean pretty easily but couldn’t get the push jerk. Felt off. Then a real sloppy 10 rounds +6

  21. Anonymous Reply

    Part A: 75lb (last time 65lb)
    Part B: 5 rounds at 65lb and 6 rounds at 45lb, 11 rounds total. (last time completed 9 rounds with 45lb)

    Big thanks to Sarah for pushing me through that last round! I did not want to do it but Im so happy I did.

    Loved this WOD!


  22. Anonymous Reply

    Marks new nickname “The Crossfit Crusader”

  23. Brendan Reply

    PR at 175# And I got just 7 rounds on part b. Wasnt my best day, ready for rest day tomorrow. Rachel put on a serious display tonight, getting all 11 rounds on almost no rest between 10 and 11. Impressive!!

  24. Anonymous Reply

    Nice Job tonight everyone! Rachael you crushed it! So did Molly, Kelly and so many others. It is so inspiring to watch everyone make so much progress and work so hard. It makes me want to be a better Coach and athlete.


  25. Anonymous Reply

    Failed @ 255# which would’ve matched last time’s PR. Improved from 8 rnds +8 last time to 9 rnds + 6 this time.


  26. Anonymous Reply

    Adam said…
    (1) 185# max clean & jerk (thanks Mark for coaching)

    (2) 8 rounds, then 3 reps per round for two more.

    Accessory workout was solid and a great idea – Mark, keep those coming.

    – Adam

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