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March 13, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
4 x Run 400 Go Every 3 Minutes
Followed By Gymnastic Focus Work. Have Fun With This.
Choose 2 Movements And Repeat On The Minute For 20 Minutes. 1 Movement On The Odd Minute, The Other Movement On The Even Minute.
Max Distance Broad Jump
Max Vertical Leap To Ring Target
Handstand Hold
Handstand Walk
Free Standing Handstand Push Up
Side Planks
Hollow Rocks
Rope Climb
Muscle Up Drills (Seen Below)
Guess The Open WOD Win A T-Shirt Contest:
Pick 3 Movements You Think We Will See In Open WOD 13.1 Whoever Is Most Correct Wins A T-Shirt! Post Guesses To The Comments.
Mobility Is Awesome. Amy Squeglia Is Awesome At Mobility. Be Awesome And Show Up For The Ultimate Mobility Class. It’s Saturday At 1:30 After Class. Do It.

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  1. Mark Lee Reply

    For Measuring Max Vert, and Max Distance There Is A Yellow Measuring Tape In The Office, Try it and post results on the board even if you don’t pick those as 1 of your focus movements. We are getting a record board soon for official records and both of those will be on the board!

  2. Ivy Reply

    Looks fun! But I need a mental health day. So taking tomorrow off, plus my body hurts!!! lol

    Even though I’m scared of heights I do plan on eventually conquering the rope climb.

  3. mason Reply

    My guesses are:
    wall balls
    kettle bell swings

    This is what I would like:
    running, double unders, box jumps

  4. Renee Deveau Reply

    Power cleans
    Push press
    Box jumps

  5. Jennifer Grace Reply

    Muscle ups, double unders, toes to bar

  6. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    I’m thinking a complex..deadlift, front squat, back squat, going up in weight and punctuated by CTB or double unders.

  7. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    That’s way more then 3. But I’ll count the complex as 1 🙂

  8. Erin Meagher Reply

    Wall balls
    Box jumps

    Finally back today after the plague. Moved pretty slowly!

  9. Erin Meagher Reply

    I wish for cleans and double unders!!

  10. Andy Mathieson Reply

    Wish I could have worked on some of these movements today. Have fun everyone.

  11. Sabra Towne Reply

    Hmmm I would say push ups, double unders, and power cleans. Best run I had was 1:42 worst run was 1:59 I think. Then I did planks and hollow rock holds. Longest 20 mins ever!

  12. tracibushy Reply


    here is a link to the seagull six race in Falmouth! this race starts and ends in woods hole, kinda hilly but beautiful, and scenic! you should sign up, like now….just do it!

  13. David Wonder Reply

    Double unders, wall balls, and front squat

  14. Robb Sykes Reply

    I expect and fear the HSPU and DUs.

    I hope for box jumps, sprints and KBs

  15. Ann Massi Reply

    2 pts wednesday
    1 pt thursday
    2 pts friday
    2 pts saturday
    1 pt sunday
    2 pts monday
    2 pts tuesday
    2 pts today

  16. Amy Sch Reply

    My guess is wall balls, push presses, box jumps and (hopefully) back squats.

    Got my first real rope climbs today. No knotted rope anymore!
    Practiced handstand holds to keep beating my kids at our handstand hold competitions. Marley, 6, won yesterday. 🙂

    My fastest 400 was 1:38 and all under 2min.

    Great job everyone!

  17. Faron Reply

    Row 500m, times: 1:57, 1:58, 2:01 & 2:03
    Did plank and side planks for skill work.

    2pt today.

  18. jennifer simmons Reply

    2 points today . I actually did the running..200 four times! A first for me!

  19. Robb Sykes Reply

    All runs sub 1:35, best handstands ever, thanks Traci!
    Looks like Renee and Amy get shirts, you women have some inside information?

    I have no excuses for 13.2


  20. mason Reply

    1:29; 1:24; 1:24 and 1:23
    Worked on handstand walks and muscle up drills
    Here we go again with a lift over head…heavy sigh

  21. Bushy Reply

    Wed – 2 points. Suckas.

  22. Kelly Cook Reply

    2 points today for me.

  23. Jennifer Grace Reply

    1 point each for Gerald and I today, it was a rest day 🙂

  24. AB Reply

    400m runs: 1:04, 1:02, 1:07, 1:07
    ** to be fair, I ran the usual 400m route up the hill toward the “crown” – I think it may be shorter than the other route of multiple out-&-backs toward Zoe’s.

    Worked on multiple things on the list: rope climbs using arms only, then regular rope climbs, muscle-ups, planks, side-planks, handstands (made 1 minute), walking on hands, handstand pushups, etc.

    Felt “good” tired at the end of the workout.
    — Adam

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