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April 23, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day
5 Rounds 6:00 Each Round
1 Minute Row For Calories
1 Minute Box Jumps 24/20 (Step Down)
Run 400 Meters
Rest The Remaining Time In The 6:00
Score Total Calories, Box Jumps And Each Run Time.
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  1. sarah lee Reply

    I just wanted to share this and brag about Mark for a moment. He made up the Boston strong wod and one of our athletes from the coastguard who ran the marathon last year was transferred to Florida a while ago. Him and his box did Boston Strong. It’s not the first time Mark has created WODS that have traveled the country. I’m proud of him and all of you for keeping our community so strong that it is traveling to other affiliates. (Mark is going to be really embarrassed when he reads this):)

  2. Melissa Gilooly Reply

    Wow that is so awesome! I’m proud of you Mark!

  3. Christy Lynch Reply

    Way to go, Mark!!

  4. Phoebe Reply

    Mark you are AMAZING!!!!

  5. Erin Meagher Reply

    I saw that ! Cool!

  6. Ivy Reply

    Fantastic Mark!!!

    By the way this workout made me swallow my gum!

  7. Shanna Reply

    Marks the best!

  8. mason Reply

    Great job Mark! So many people have made drastic changes to themselves since starting crossfit, me included, and it is due to your programming and philosophy of what Crossfit is all about! Keep up the great work.

  9. Nettie Reply

    Thanks for letting us know Sarah. Nice work Mark!

  10. Mark Lee Reply

    Thanks everybody! Couldn’t keep it all running without Sarah:)

  11. Paul S Reply

    144: Row + Box J
    1:56/2:04 400m

    That’s great Mark. Things like that are what make C3 such a great place to come to and a continued growing success.

  12. Mark Lee Reply

    That was fun but the 5th round was a real gut check!
    177 1:31,1:42

  13. Nettie Reply

    139 2:07, 2:20
    Cashews at 3:00 when you’re doing this wod at 4:30, not a good idea. I thought I was going to lose it on every run!

  14. Andy Mathieson Reply

    185 (119 + 66) 1:30, 1:44

  15. AB Reply

    Runs 1:31 (best) to 1:41 (worst)

    5th round felt awful.

    – Adam

  16. Jennifer Grace Reply

    125, 2:27-2:44….totally agree that a snack before this WOD was not a good idea!! I had almonds beforehand

  17. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Mark that is awesome!!!

    150 and 1:42/1:53

  18. Domenic DeGregorio Reply

    Bummin I missed today. Looked like a fun one. But I that Boston strong wod we did Saturday I kinda enjoyed. (If its even possible to like running) those 5 rope climbs at the end without a doubt topped it off. Didn’t think I was gunna make that last climb.

  19. sarah lee Reply

    Dominic I agree. I really enjoyed the wod but those were the hardest rope climbs of my life!

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