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June 19, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

3 Rounds For Time

10 Deadlifts 275/185*
50 Double Unders

*Use No More Than 75% Of Your 3 Rep Max

Compare to 10/18/11

Followed By 
100 Oblique Tilts
50 Weighted Sit Ups
Not For Time You Select the weight

Child Care At 9:30,3:30, & 4:30

Nutrition Challenge Info

 Friday June 14-Friday July 12
Starting Tomorrow There Will Be Weigh Ins In The Green Room. The Cost Is 10$ Winner Take All. There Will Be A Big Member Appreciation WOD, Winner Announcement And Paddle Boarding Courtesy Of Peace Love SUP On July 13!

The Guidelines Are As Follows.
You Get A Point For A WOD, and A Point For Compliance To The Guidelines. They Are Very Simple.
Eat Meat and Veggies Nuts and Seeds, Fruit, Starches Such As Sweet Potato, And Healthy Fats Such As Avocado and Olive Oil.

Avoid Sugar, Grains, And Dairy. If You Are Worried About Not Getting Enough Calcium, Refer To This List. For Fiber See This Reference From The Mayo Clinic.  Milk and Whole Grains Are Not Even Close To The Number One Sources, And There Are Abundant Options That Don’t Have The Adverse Side Effects That Are Common To Wheat And Dairy.

For More Information On Basic Nutrition Tenants Visit The CrossFit Nutrition Tab Which Covers Quantities and Other Explanations. The Most Valuable And Balanced Resource We’ve Come Across Is The Book “It Starts With Food”

It Will Be Required That You Post All Of Your Points To The Blog. If You Can’t Post For One Reason Or Another-Figure Out How!

Benchmark 1. 3 Rounds For Time 30 HR Push Ups, 40 KB Swings 1.5/1, 50 Air Squats

Benchmark 2. 1 Minute CTB Pull Ups, 1 Minute Push Press 115/75 Run 400 : 4 Rounds Each Round Is 6 Minutes

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  1. Erin Meagher Reply

    5:54 RX fun one! Got to ring the PR bell for splitting by shorts for the first time. Sweet.

    • Christopher Judkins Reply

      Erin that’s awesome mine were ripping the other day during the KB swings lol

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    4:53 I think that’s a Pr! Big 6am group! Good job Erin despite the ripped shorts and I’m assuming that you peed yourself on the double unders.

    In other news make sure that you sign up for the nutrition challenge! I’m in and I am putting up an extra 100 dollars to the winner if I mess up during the challenge!

    • sarah lee Reply

      Then you better not mess up! (Unless I win)

      6:07 RX. Fun morning!

    • Erin Meagher Reply


  3. Andy Mathieson Reply

    7:49 Rx

  4. mason Reply

    5:30 rx that weight got heavy quick..

  5. Kelly Cook Reply

    19:32, 165#, all DU’s. I did break a jump rope, which accounts for a little bit of how long this workout took me, but it was mostly just me doing basically one double under at a time.

  6. Nettie Reply

    6:39 145#

  7. Mark Lee Reply

    Inspiring performances today at C3 everyone- excited for the nutrition challenge!
    Great job on your first Double Under Tess!

  8. mason Reply

    Kelly, the important thing is that you stuck with it. You didn’t let the rope beat you. We all start with doing one at a time, and before you know it you’ll be stringing 10,20, 30 etc.,, it will only make you stronger. You’re determination is awesome- keep it up!

  9. Zach Reply

    Did the 275# Rx but I’m a loser & don’t have doubles. Did 150 singles each round.

    • sarah lee Reply

      I’m amazed at your strength but going to harass you until you start practicing double unders! Seriously your deadlifts were so fast I had to look at the clock to the time after your first 10! Great job!

  10. sarah lee Reply

    Kelly… You did awesome. (Zach listen up)…. Conquering double unders can be SO frustrerating!!! Your determination was so inspiring and everyone at the 4:30 class was really impressed. Like mason said in no time you will be stringing them all together!

  11. Kelly Cook Reply

    Thank you so much Mason and Sarah (and everyone else who wouldn’t let me quit today). I know I will get them eventually. I’m not giving up!

  12. Terry obrien Reply

    12 something i’m determined to get double unders
    i did 50 DU and probably 100 singles but gotta keep trying…good coaching Jamesin (not sure of the spelling)…Those double unders really humble me
    It’s late but waiting for the Bruins in OT…..

  13. AB Reply

    RX 6:30.

    Completed ab work.

    Had to break up the DLs, with frequent resets to maintain form, which definitely slowed my deadlifts.

    – Adam

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