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June 26, 2013
CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

15 Minutes To Establish 10 Rep Max Back Squat

Followed By

Air Squats 
Sit Ups

Chuck S.!

Go Hard, Or…Well There Is No Or, Don’t Go Home, Stay Here. 

Unless Class Is Over, Then Feel Free To Go Home. But When You Do Go Home, Do One Thing: Ask Yourself. “Am I satisfied With My Effort In The WOD?” If The Answer Is “Yes” Then Reflect On Why.
For Example, “It’s Because The Coach Was Cheering And Encouraging Me During The Final Minutes”, Or; “I Was Chasing So And So, Sooo When I Was Done, I Was Lying Against The Wall Gasping For Air And Couldn’t Talk.” 

That’s Great! You Got A Little Fitter. Tell The Coach How Motivating It Was-I Guarantee, They Will Push You Again In The Future. Tell The Person You Were Chasing That They Really Motivated You To Push Harder-It Will Make You Both That Much Better.
 If It Was Something Else Identify It And Use It To Your Advantage. Was It Good Nutrition? Keep It Up! Good Nights Sleep-Make That A Nightly Goal! 

If You Don’t Feel Satisfied With How Hard You Went, Really Reflect On Why? Is It Something You Have Control Over. If It Is, What Do You Need To Do To Take Control? These Are Important Questions Because The Answers Are What Lie Between You And Your Goals. Take 10 Minutes And Really Think About It. Then Write Down A Plan. “I Will Talk To My Coach About…” or “Every Day I Will…” 
So It’s Really Not “Go Hard Or Go Home.” But When You Get Home, Reflect On How You Can Go Hard In Your Workouts, And Move Toward Your Goals Every Workout.

Yours In Fitness,

Coach Mark

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  1. Terry obrien Reply

    All the coaches have pushed me to be better, stronger
    I appluad all of you… and Mark and Sara thanks for always pushing my limits, I cannot believe how far I have come in technique, strength and most important confidence. Love Crossfit CapeCod

  2. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    Well said Mark. I personally love working out with someone fitter than me so I can chase them and not get comfortable with a certain pace.

  3. Michelle Reply

    I agree.Mark and Sara and all the coaches are great! Always a fun and positive place to work out!

  4. Ivy Reply

    The warm up this morning was great! first time in a long time back squats didn’t irritate my hips.
    I didn’t look at the clock.

  5. Nettie Reply

    75# 9:45

  6. Sarah Sprague Reply

    90# for 10. Worked with Erin & Carol, ran out of time but I think we all could’ve done a little more:) next time.
    10:40…no way of catching speedy Ann this morning. Thanks Jamin!

  7. Erin Meagher Reply

    8:14 for the wod!

  8. Kelly Cook Reply

    115#, 13:49. Thanks for making me go up on the weight Sarah! I was going to call it a day at 100#, but I’m glad I pushed it.

  9. Jamin Brouillard Reply

    That’s awesome about your hips feeling good on the back squat, Ivy!

  10. Amy Kbaum Reply

    150# for 10
    6:03 wod

    Felt great this morn! So fun to wod with the 9:00am group today! Great job everybody!

  11. Terry obrien Reply

    145 # 7:32 Fun fast WOD

  12. sarah lee Reply

    Kelly you did awesome and still looked strong at 115. 125 for you next time!

    125 x 10.

    7:30 wod. It was great chasing Sean. I couldn’t catch him but I did move faster having him there.

  13. Christy Lynch Reply

    75# and 12:10. Worked so hard I split my drawers!! lol

    • sarah lee Reply

      Haha! I was grateful you shorts were lined when you mooned me on the way out!!!!:)

  14. KristinP Reply

    Had a great time with the 6am crowd! Have a feeling you’re gonna be seeing a lot more of me:)

    a painful 125 x 10 8:49

  15. Ann Reply

    Enjoyed 7am class 85# 7:57 isn’t so speedy anymore, but thanks Sarah S. nice to WOD with Nettie. All the coaches are great that’s what makes crossfit cape cod the best.

  16. Jodi Norton Reply

    85# 10:15. Back on track today with 2 points.

  17. Justine Norton Reply

    95# 8:43 1 point for WOD today

  18. Ann Massi Reply

    2 points today

    105lb / 9:10

  19. Kristen Menard Reply

    90# 10:52. Awesome coaching tonight at the 5:30 class – would have never attempted the weight for 10 without the friendly push. 2 points for today!!

  20. Andy Mathieson Reply

    0.5 points for today. Had an unapproved breakfast do to work. There’s always tomorrow.

  21. jennifer simmons Reply

    1 point today for nutrition

  22. Kerida Rodriguez Reply

    2 pts 15:18 90#

  23. tracibushy Reply

    fun working out with the 4:30 crew today, definitely worked hard trying to keep up with Mark and Amanda!

    145 x 10

    Nice job today everyone!

  24. Jen Heinlein Reply

    No points for me today, but look at all you go! Everyone at C3 is so motivating and inspiring – always pushing to make each day better than the one before.

  25. Rachel Dean Reply

    115# and 7:55! 2 points for me today…. Really feeling the difference from the paleo living, loving it!

  26. OldNatickRookie Reply

    I didn’t have one coach pushing me, not two, not three, but four. Worked out with Mark, Amanda and Traci with coach Sarah.

    115# times 10

  27. Carol Gonzalez Reply

    U just caved …one point for WOD at 9 pm lost my point for nutrition. 100. – 14:06

  28. Mark Lee Reply

    2 Points!
    Missed 275 for 10 pre WOD-had a really good WOD with Amanda, Traci, and Grampy FF!
    6:12rx Then Went Back For 250 on the back squat.

  29. Natasha Jonas Reply

    115 # 8:50 and 2 points today!

  30. Cutrona Studios Reply

    2 pts today.max 10 rep was 65#. The squats & sit-ups almost killed me. But I do feel good now 🙂 I may have almost quit about a million times, but thanks to all my cheerleaders there was no way 🙂
    Fav recipe today: (thank you Kerida!) Paleo cookie dough bites. 3 tbs coconut oil, 1 1/2 tsp coconut milk, 3/4 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 tbsp + 1/2 tsp raw honey, 3/4 cup almond flour, 3 tbsp chocolate chips (I used dark sugar free bakers chocolate). I also added 1 tbsp of mashed berries (no sugar, from Trader Joe’s) to make it a little sweeter (I’m new to this no sugar thing…) whisk everything but the almond & chocolate, add them last & stir until just mixed, refrigerate. When cooled take them out, I want to roll small logs of them in coconut and coco & freeze the little logs.

  31. Elizabeth Miles Reply

    1 point for nutrition.

  32. Kelly Cook Reply

    2 points today

  33. Christopher Judkins Reply

    1 point for nutrition 0 points for doing laundry, but I have clean clothes!!!

  34. Tess Reply

    2 pts today, 75# and 10:36…I think?

  35. Chloe Pelissier Reply

    10:52 90 #. 2 points for the day

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