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Wednesday 12/3/14

December 02, 2014



Power Clean



“Power Elizabeth”


Power Cleans

Ring Dips


100 Tricep Press Downs

100 Band Pull Aparts

Advanced Training

In 8 Rounds

30 Muscle ups

45 HSPUs

Followed By Part C

100 Tricep Press Downs

100 Band Pull Aparts

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  1. pauls Reply

    A.) 120# B.) 10:34 @ 75#, red band
    The last set of dips really slowed down. Thanks Mark for the great individual instruction at the “small” 8:30 class. 9:30 was huge by comparison.

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    130- clean- not my pr
    11:56- 95, purple- dips took me forever!

  3. Chris Massi Reply

    A. 205# tied PR. Felt good had I known that was a tie I would have gone for more…. Next time!
    B. 12:27. Cleans felt good. Did all the dips strict. Working hard on those!
    C. Complete

  4. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 225#
    B: 8:26 @ 135# with red band
    C: Painful at the end

  5. Mase Reply

    A. 135 tied my pr. That 140 is tough!
    B. 14:30 95#/ purple. Can’t wait to get full strength back.
    C. Done
    Worked on bar muscle ups/hspu’s (struggled with these)

  6. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 265# Great job Dubie with the 255# like it was nothing!!
    B. 4:46 Rx great chasing Mike tonight.! 29 sec p.r. on this from July
    At. 8 x 4mu, 6 hspu all unbroken
    C. Done. my triceps hate me!!(and Mark)

  7. Andy Mathieson Reply

    A. 235#
    B. 8:08 135# with purple band for ring dips
    C. Complete

  8. Mark Reply

    Came in before the 3:30 class and rowed 5k
    Didn’t quite have the time I needed to do the 1rm but I joined the group for the WOD, 6:15rx. 100 & 100 Hurt so good!

  9. Christina Sotiros Reply

    A. Worked up to 90# clean. PR for me
    B. 13:08 65#, red bands on ring dips (struggled)
    C. 100, 100

  10. Heidi Lacava Reply

    A. 110# PR
    B. 12:06 85#, red band on rings
    C. Completed

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