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Wednesday 11/05/14

November 05, 2014
Clean and Jerk 185
Rope Climb 15′
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  1. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 23 +13 Rx push ups were the slow part!!

    B. 15-20 min trying new rope technique and keeping feet together on cleans slowly coming together. Thanks for the Help Mason!!

  2. mason Reply

    Awesome rounds Allan! Good work. 1 day and counting for the next ECC wod. Woohooo

  3. Rio Reply

    I like box jumps. I don’t mind double urneds ether because I can scale them for 3x more rope skips. But when it comes to make nearly a thousand of these ( 3 x 300D/U ) and another 150 box jumps it turns out to be really tough workout.I haven’t done it yet but if I could do jumps every 2sec and 2skips a sec I guess it would take 15min minding swaps. Now I will add a big dose of fatigue after few rounds and I’d better stop thinking math-wise and just do the workout as fast as possible tomorrow

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