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Wednesday 1-21-15

January 20, 2015








Pick 2 movements and perform EOTM for 8min

Rest 4min

Pick another two movements and perform EOTM for 8min

Advanced Traning

As The B. Part Do Week 2 Of The Gymnastics Progression

In 7 Sets


100 Pistols

35 Muscle Ups

Try To Keep A Pace That Is Steady. Set A Goal That Your Last Set Will Be Under 3:00. Go Unbroken As Long As You Can.

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  1. JoJo Reply

    That chart is hilarious.

  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    Love the chart:)
    So glad to be back after being home with my sick monkey!
    215 (3)
    Hspu, T2B, pistols, pirolettes (sp)?

  3. Andrea Meagher Reply

    A) 165×3, 185×1, 175×1
    B) kipping, push ups, kipping, pistols.
    Thanks Amy!

  4. jamin Reply

    I guess theres been some questions on what EOM stands for. It means Every other Minute. So one movement on the odd minute and one movement on the even minute for X amount of reps.

  5. Kevin Medeiros Reply

    A: 385# x 3
    B: CtB/OHS 95# and HSPU worked down to two mats/DU’s

  6. Josh Reply

    A. 325#
    B. Complete: Got a PR! 5 muscle ups in a row!

  7. Heidi Lacava Reply

    A. 195X3
    B. T2B/DU PU/Ring dips red band

  8. Mase Reply

    B. blue/purple band bar mu’s
    100 pistols
    pushups for hspu’s
    Nice work Josh!

  9. Allan Reply

    A. 425X3
    B. Done. AT. averaged 2:15 a round Pistols were killer after the past two days!!
    Mason nice work moving down in the band on those BMU’s!!

  10. JoJo Reply

    145# x3
    HS, PullUps w/g&r, Bdips w/g, Row

  11. Jennifer Reply

    P/u green/red bands, 12 pound wall balls
    Core work and “double unders”.

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