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Video May Disturb Sensitive Viewers. I Thought It Was A Great Example Of A Team Deadlift-Functional Fitness! He Is Doing Well According To Recent Reports.

September 20, 2011



Garage Games WOD 5

For Time:
20 Toes To Bar
30 Thrusters
40 Burpees-Jump 12 inches off the ground at the top of each rep.
50 Box Jumps 24/20

Our Resident Row Master Dave Churbuck Posted Some Rowing Wisdom In The Comments And I Wanted To Be Sure All Had A Look:

Some suggestions for fellow rowers working on the Fall Rowing Challenge:
There are two personal awards given by Concept2 for completing the Challenge (little pins, certificates, etc.). One for 100,000 meters between 9/15-10/15 and another for 200,000. We need at least ten people to row 100K each. So do the math and break it into bite size pieces:
100,000 divided by 30 is 3,333 meters per day. Since C3 is closed on Sunday, and unless you own an erg of your own, that means 3,900 meters per day for 26 days — so what the heck, call it 4,000 meters a day to get the job done.
Here’s how to get half of these meters knocked off through force of habit. Get on an erg five minutes early and pull 1000 meters. After the WOD, do it again for 1K. You don’t need to kill yourself. A meter is a meter. So there’s half of your daily allotment racked up warming up and cooling down.
Where does the other 2K come from? Well, that’s why they call it a “Challenge.” You can go nuts and finish the day with a 2K piece, or, you can find a day during the week when you can fit in TWO workouts — the normal WOD and a rowing-only session (try to space them as far apart as possible). Take that rowing-only workout and settle in to bank some serious meters.
Long erg pieces are misery if your butt isn’t conditioned to sitting on the seat. Pads make it worse. Give it some time and your ischial protrubances — aka your Butt Bones — will settle down and you’ll be able to spend up an hour at a time on the Wheel of Pain.
Long erg pieces are harder on your mind than anything else. To keep from going crazy bring music and set of sweat-proof headphones/earbuds. I tend to favor Industrial Metal, Techno, etc. Anything with a good driving beat. Stuff like James Taylor will not inspire you to row hard. Trust me. I had a mix tape with “Fire and Rain” on it and it was a total buzzkiller.
To make the long workout a bit of a challenge try rowing “on the fives” giving an extra hard ten strokes — called a Power Ten — every time you roll past another 500 or 1000 meters. In other words, hammer hard for ten strokes at 1,000, 1500, 2000, 2500, etc.
The big four distances that are ranked by Concept2 are the 5K, 30 minute, 10K, and 1 hour pieces. You can see what someone your age is doing on the Concept2 ranking page.
For example, I just checked out 10K times for heavyweight men between 50 and 59 years old. Some lunatic named Nick Rockcliff in Tadcaster England did 10,000 meters in 35 minutes and 19 seconds. I did a 10K last week in 38:20 and am now ranked 47th in the world in my class.
Using the Concept2 pace calculator….
…I can figure out that Rockcliff averaged a 1:45 split to get on top of the 10k rankings. Now, the next time I sit down to pull 10K I’ll know that my current pace of 1:55 has a long way to go before I’ll be breathing down Rockcliff’s neck.
Other tricks for long pieces (other than music, racing, power-tens on the fives) include sprinting during specific songs on your ipod, breaking the piece down into small chunks — row light for 500 meters and crank hard for the next 500, etc.
Trust me — combine the rowing challenge with the nutrition challenge and you are going to kick your fitness into a whole new level. The ergometer is THE machine used by sports research scientists to accurately measure fitness. No other machine will to hit as many muscle groups as efficiently as a rowing machine … including your face muscles from grimacing

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  1. tracibushy Reply

    the only disturbing thing about the video, is how after ALL those people deadlifted the car, not ONE of them even bent down to check that poor guys pulse!! They just left him laying there!

    Anyways, Dave, you rock…thanks for the tips!!

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    haha! I know what you mean Traci! Longer versions that showed him getting medical attention also had the voice of the redneck recording their own tv set, so I chose this one.

    Everyone has until Sept. 30 to register for the fall team rowing challenge. Make sure you have confirmed that you are on the team and enter every meter you row.

  3. Anthony Reply

    Mark what’s the weight on the thrusters

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Anthony-95 for guys 65 for girls.

    I looked at the standings for the Rowing Challenge, and I am fired up!
    3 Things:

    1.Right now there are only 2 crossfit gyms ahead of us in the comp. Let catch them and pass them to be the first place crossfit gym in the entire competition! (I counted somewhere in the neighborhood of 20 CrossFit’s registered!)

    2. Who has committed to rowing the 100,000 meters? Many of us are realizing that it is a very doable goal and how many people can say that they have done that before! If you need to get in on off hours for some extra rowing run it by me and who knows maybe I’ll join you. After all we could WIN a rower for our efforts.l

    3. If you aren’t going for the 100,000 please contribute by signing up and logging all the meters you are rowing-c’mon share them with the team rather than hoard all those yummy meters-it will help our overall standings and the next time I’m programing the WOD I’ll be all like-“Shucks, what great rowers everyone was for the fall team challenge! I think I’ll program a unicorn/racecar party instead of a thousand burpees for time.”
    As of right now we only have 19 signed up and about 14 logging meters-if you need help on the tech end of things just be a good little racecar driving unicorn and ask:-)

  5. mcgrail Reply

    looking forward to the unicorn/racecar party WOD…should be fun!

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