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Tuesday 9/2/14

September 02, 2014
1 Rep Max
Clean Jerk and Clean Without Dropping The Bar

Deadlift 225/155
Handstand Push Ups

5 X Through Not For Time
Close Grip Bench Press X 5
Bent Over Kettlebell Row X 10 
GHD Sit Ups X 15
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  1. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 245# C&J&C..tried 255# P.r. on C&J with that!!!!!!!
    B. 8:45 Rx Shoulder were so smoked after A. Dead’s were OK hspu’s were slow!!
    C. done 135#, 1.5, done fast. X5
    D. Mopping up my sweat in multiple location. 4:37 Rx A lot of puddles!!!

  2. Joshua Rice Reply

    A. 185#
    B. 6:22 @ 185#
    C. Complete

  3. mason Reply

    A. DId 105 with the clean jerk clean but can’t catch any more weight than that with my shoulder so I worked on clean/jerk to 125.
    B. 20:13. I no repped myself on the hspu’s. This is still a work in progress so I did a few more than I expected but it will only get me stronger when the open hits. The deads were fine.
    C. Stayed at 65#on the press, without a spot didn’t want the am class to find me with a bar on my chest, shoulders were pretty smoked. Did 65 on the rows and GHD done.
    Long day…..

  4. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice Job You Beasts!!! You all work long hours and train harder than any group I know, Proud To Have The 3 Of You At C3!!!

  5. mason Reply

    Awww thanks Mark! All your programming is helping us become BEASTS!!! Thanks for putting in the extra time and work for our programming!!

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