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Tuesday 8/19/14

August 19, 2014
5 Rounds For Time
10 Kettlebell Swings 2/1.5
10 Pull Ups

Bench Press
% Based Off 3RM or 90% of 1RM

Max Chest To Ring Pull Ups In 5:00 

We are going to do 5 days on this week with 2 days off for the weekend.
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  1. mason Reply

    Took a vacation day from the gym today. Also had a coaches mtg in the evening. Spending quality time with family. My shoulder needed the break anyway. Back at it tomorrow and bringing the family in.

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Good call Mase
    A. 4:26
    B. 175×5 205×3 225×2
    C. Lost track talking to Parker

  3. Allan Fleck Reply

    Hotel wod.
    1.5 mile treadmill run increasing speed every 1/4 mile. Up to 6min miles

    5 rounds
    5 x 225# smith machine. .. only option.
    20 ghds. No clock but funny looks from the terrorist walking on treadmill.

    Tricep pull downs 80# till failure
    Strict pull ups till failure x three rounds.

    Emom 1 beer 10min. Still working on it..6 in by myself at the bar.

  4. sarah lee Reply

    8:35 RX. 75×5, 85x3x, 95×2. Skipped the last part due to tearing hands. I’m glad you rested Mason. I’m sure your body needs it!

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