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Tuesday 7/1/14

July 01, 2014
AMRAP 16 Minutes
25 Box Jumps 24″
25 Lunges
25 Knees To Elbows
25 Push Press
25 Back Extensions
25 Wall Ball 30/16
25 Burpees To Target 6″ Above Reach
25 Double Unders

Max Reps At 80% Plus Blue or Red Band

On The :90 Seconds x 10
3 Clean Pulls 225/135
8 Weighted Sit Ups 1.5/1  

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  1. mason Reply

    Mark, what’s the weight on ppress and what is the deadlift with the bands??? Thanks

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    For the band, drape it over the middle of the bar and stand in the loops of the band while you Deadlift

    • mason Reply

      ohhhh interesting…

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    A. 1 Round and 10 Back Ext. into round 2
    B. I really struggled to get going here, but I rallied. Had to use straps because my hands were beat. 8 Reps at 325+blue
    C. Done, good practice on the first and second pull!

  4. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 348 RX.
    B. 305# x6 with chains
    C. done.

  5. mason Reply

    A. 273 but forgot about the 6″ burpee ughhh. But did the 16# to 10′ and 24″ box.
    B. 185 x6 with chains
    C. Done those clean pulls got heavy but really focused on keeping those arms straight with a big shrug.

  6. Mark Lee Reply

    You guys couldn’t figure out the band thing could you:)

  7. mason Reply

    Ummm sort of but not really… Awkward with the bands.. We tried strapping two bands one on each foot. It just really pulled on my lower back on the return.

  8. Joshua Rice Reply

    B. 285×7
    C. Done

  9. Joshua Rice Reply

    The 30# wall ball is a killer. Completely stopped me in my tracks on rd2.

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