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Tuesday 6/24/14

June 24, 2014
Front Squat
Max Reps At 95% 

2 Rounds
2:00  Row (Cal.)
2:00 Box Jump Overs 24/20
2:00 Wall Ball 30/16 10′
Score each Seperately

30 Handstand Push Up Negatives* 
60 Toes To Bar 
*Ad a plate from the last cycle, or switch to paralletes. Lower to the bottom on a 4 count. Keep a tight hollow body, feet together, squeeze the glutes, and make sure that it is only your feet in contact with the wall. Think in terms of lowering a loaded barbell slowly to the rack position to find your strongest position in the movement.
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  1. Joshua Rice Reply

    A. 175 x 4
    B. can’t remember scores. It’s on the whiteboard
    C. Negatives on paralletes

  2. Mark Lee Reply

    Nice having you do the advanced training Josh!

    A. 235 x 6
    B. 76 Cal, 60 Wall Ball 30# Juggernaut Ball, 70 Box Jump Overs
    C. Parlettes Done 60 TTB 3:54

  3. mason Reply

    125×4 front squats getting there. 1 rep max is 130.
    69 row, 60 box and 46 wall ball 16# 10′
    Hspu’s on 45# plates
    T2b 6:00 terrible… My hands really hurt!!!

  4. Allan Fleck Reply

    A. 245# X 7 lost my rack damn it!!!
    B. 97row,76box,56wb those 30# wall balls were killer!!
    C. negatives felt better that ever but 30 was enough! 2:48 60,TTB. 25 unbroken Good times,Nice job everyone!!

  5. Christopher Judkins Reply

    A) 190×5
    B) Row 87/ Box 61/ Wall Ball 43 Got to the gym late so this ended up being my warm up and did everything else after. Particularly sucked not being warmed up for that 1000# wall ball.
    C) Went up to 3 45# plates on the negatives

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