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September 18, 2012

CrossFit Cape Cod Workout Of The Day

1.  Randy
75 Power Snatches, 75/55
10 Minute Cut Off
2.  3 RFT:
15 Burpees
300m Row
Rest 3 minutes between sets.  Post all three times to comments..


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  1. Mark Lee Reply
  2. Erin Meagher Reply

    I know my class will be making cards for Lexi tomorrow!! Nice picture Cynthia:)

  3. Mark Lee Reply

    That’s awesome Erin!

  4. mason Reply

    My kids will be making some posters and cards too!

  5. Kerry Barrett Reply

    The girls at the shoppe are doing something up at the high school for Lexi!

  6. Amy Sch Reply

    Sorry Mark, I thought some Sundays were rest days. I can catch up today on burpees. Ok? I see surgeon on Thursday 🙂 Been doing pushups also from home.
    11, 12, 13 = 36

  7. mcgrail Reply

    8 at the 6 doing 75!

    Snatchtastic Morning @ C3
    Derek welcome to your first official class…way to do Randy Rx’d within time limit!
    Danny P…machine…
    AnnMarie…awesome! LPC Benchmark WOD 1 in the books
    Sean…crushed it
    Michelle nailed it
    Chuck… phenomenal
    Erin…Fantastic work…
    Tom…way to stay with it…

    On top of that the rowing and burpees was slammed as well! Thanks for making be proud gang!

  8. Annmarie Reply

    Fantastic Tuesday morning class as always Mike, thanks for the encouragment! 6:34 @ 30 lbs for Randy. I would have done more but I need to do one of those WODs scaled so I need to do all of them scaled. The rowing and burpees after all those snatches weren’t as bad as I thought. Although, check with me around dinner time lol.

  9. Mark Lee Reply

    Redid open wod 11.1 10 Minute AMRAP 30 Double Unders 15 Power Snatches (75lbs) Pr’d with 305 Reps-I’ll take it!
    Burpee Row
    1:44, 1:45, 1:43- Liked those 3:00 Breaks!
    Good to see Lights Out Benedetti today! Back from an on the job ankle sprain.
    Good to have so many new enthusiastic members! Keep up the great work and if you missed any of the intros let me or Sarah know if we haven’t already gotten in touch about it.
    1. Form/Technique
    2. Consistent Good Movement
    3. Intensity
    Let’s get some!

  10. Anonymous Reply

    Kurt M
    “Randy” Rx’d. 5:10
    Burpee/Row 1:50. , 1:59. , 2:05 with 10 sec clock malfunction!
    A special thank you to Mike Mcgrail who counted and pushed me to the Finish line!
    Coach Jon, thank you for all your great advice and coaching too!

  11. jonathan miles Reply

    Randy 4:33. Row: had a breakdown. 1:42, 2:00, 2:09. I always preach patience and pace, and boy did I blow that. Mike was killing me today

  12. Anonymous Reply

    Jon M that’s the kind of work I love to see from you! That one hell of a score! I’ll have to work harder! Kurt M

  13. sarah lee Reply

    8:28 rx
    2:17, 2:18, 2:16

  14. mcgrail Reply

    Randy: 4:32 Rx’d PR

    15 Burpee / 300 m Row 3RFT w/ 3 min rest:

    Jon…to say you pushed me would be an understatement….shoved violently to the finish is more like it! Thanks!

    In other news:
    Kurt…you rocked…Zach…you da man…Adam well done way to grind it out!

  15. Jennifer Benedetti Reply

    Randy: 8:02 RX!!!

  16. Anonymous Reply

    Mcgrail your strength is going thru the roof!

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Randy- 4:45 Rx
    1:50 – 2:03 – 2:13


  18. Michael Reply

    Found am Olympic barbell and seventy five pounds. Did randy in 5:31 RX on the job at 7:30 at night (no row) so i ran 400 meters and did 15 burps round 1- 2:32 round 2-2:29 round 3-2:33.

  19. Amy Kbaum Reply

    Randy – 7:24 RX
    Burpee/Row – 2:01, 2:06, 2:10

  20. sarah lee Reply

    Well that’s just dedication mike! Nice job!

  21. Erin Meagher Reply

    Row/ burpees: 2:20, 2:25.. Can’t remember!

  22. erica Reply

    2:48, 2:42, 2:41

  23. Nettie Reply

    Lost my paper somewhere between C3 and home… I think I did Randy in 6:10 with 35#. Row/burpee – 2:18, 2:27, 2:40?? Something like that 🙂

  24. Anonymous Reply

    Bummed I couldn’t make it in today due to child care issues. 🙁 hopefully I will make it in tomorrow. Did my burpees. Watching crossfit games right now. Amazed at these women. Hope I get close to them one day. 🙂 ~nina

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